Interview with Anne Weil of Flax & Twine

2 November 2015

Hello, November, you beautiful sweater-weather-month, you!  Soft, knits are exactly where my mind is right now. Are you feeling this, too? I want to dress in them and I want them in my house.

Boy, do I have the thing for this: I’m so happy to start the week off with an interview with my friend, Anne Weil of Flax & Twine. who is knitter extraordinaire and out with a new book.  If you aren’t already familiar with Anne’s work (like this bisous above), she is both a passionate classic knitter, as well as a finger and arm knitter.

Jump with me below for more about Anne, her projects …and, bonus: something special in Oslo, this coming Satuday!

After a serendipitous chance meeting this past January at Alt Summit with Anne, I feel this warm spot in my heart when I think of her  —  she shines. And, as a creative, I both appreciate her attitude and style. Reading Anne’s responses to my questions confirmed so much of this spirit you feel when you meet her and read her writing.

While I think many of us can relate to either a memory of using this technique as a kid or witnessing our kids create tumbles of it around the house, Anne’s book has projects for both adults and kids.  Anne’s book has great projects for adult and kids. Since you have to start somewhere, I’ve decided that I will start with this pouf, below.  I’m saying it out loud so that you can hold me to it. (Please do) I both have a copy and have gifted this book, as soon as it came out, because these projects are beautiful and for everyone: adults and kids alike, which is exactly the kind of creating that I’m truly drawn to.


A little bit more about Knitting Without Needles:

Anne Weil’s (Flax and Twine) Book is called Knitting Without Needles. This kind of knitting is PERFECT for Non-Knitters and Knitters alike! Projects are totally DIY-able with easy step-by-step photographs and how-tos. Projects are fabulous for both adults and kids. Easy and quick handmade gifts for the holidays. Great way to bring chunky, stylish knits into your home without the price tag.


So, a little bit about Anne:

How /when did you start finger knitting?

I love how self-sufficient these two crafts are. Literally, you just need your beautiful self and some yarn to make something gorgeous. Apparently, I learned how to finger-knit when I was very young. One day, when my kids were bored with my knitting, I picked up a skein of yarn and showed them how to finger knit without even knowing what I was doing! It was total muscle memory! After that, we were all hooked, making miles and miles of finger knitting together. It kept my kids busy and engaged. They loved that they were making something, like their mom. I found I loved doing it too, and thought other adults would. I knew that there had to be a way to use these long strands in a beautiful way for modern projects. I started working toward that goal. Through those efforts, I came up with the new techniques to attach the finger knitting back to itself, like crochet, and to build a wider fabric. This blew open the doors of possibilities for finger knitting, and that is reflected in the projects in the book. Remember, too, that finger knitting has previously been relegated to the 5-7 year old set so it is a very easy and straightforward craft to learn and a fun one! It becomes addicting, even for adults.

How in the WORLD did you start arm knitting — did you invent it?

The arm knitting obsession began four years ago when someone saw my finger knitting projects and asked me if I had heard of it. I dug around a little bit and played a lot and figured it out. I fell in love with it immediately. I love the modern shift in scale and the luscious loft that arm knitting brings to just about any project. I really enjoy bringing traditional knitting techniques, even cables and lace, to arm knitting in this book. So many fabulous, yet easy to make projects. Arm and finger knitting are much simpler to learn than traditional knitting as you don’t have to figure out how to handle needles. In these crafts, you are simply bringing loops of yarn through current loops on your arms or fingers. The gorgeous beginner projects in this book are perfect for the newbie! I’ve been doing a lot of workshops, too. The majority of time that I am teaching, 90% of my participants have never knit before and they all leave feeling confident about their skill.

If you had 30 minute to create with your kids, what would you do (or eat?)I love baking with my kids. There’s something about baked goods that makes me feel very homey and close with my family. This feels like one of the best ways to be together. Interestingly, I find making other crafts a very private experience. The things I make are my own expression, my own art. Sometimes I have a hard time opening that experience up and sharing it with the kids. I do try to often because I think its important to keep creativity in their lives, and for us to do it together, but it is more of a challenge for me.

Thank you so much Anne for taking the time to share with my willowday friends. It is such a privilege to share.  In addition to this wonderful book, Anne also leads workshops and is selling signed copies of her book on her sight. HERE. Hop over to see more about Anne, her work and the book. It’s a book for creators of all ages.


This is my wish project #2: Faux Sheep’s Fur. Isn’t that not just fab?



If you live in or around Oslo, join me: I’m traveling to Oslostrikkefestival this coming Saturday, Saturday, November 7th as an officially – unofficial Ambassador for Anne. I’m teaching  a class at this event of how to make a very simple but beautiful necklace from Anne’s new book — and will have the  book available, to purchase, too! I think I’m so lucky. I would just love to meet you there! To learn more about the Oslostrikkefestival, click here.

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