Cookie Cutter Candle Stick Holders | Pepparkaksform Ljusstake

7 December 2015

DAY 7: 
Cookie Cutter Candle Stick Holders |
Pepparkaksform Ljusstake

Happy Monday.

It’s great to meet you here and to start the week together.  I hope you will have fun personalising this project just for you or as a gift.  I created this set to combine with some of our traditional Danish porcelain, whose color hase been inspiring me this season. I’m also really happy to give cookie cutters, a second act. I think something magic happens when you cut shapes with them to repeat a pattern yet, each time you get something just slightly different and special; making these conversation pieces, too.


Join us below for a step-by-step Cookie Cutter Candle Stick Holder Tutorial.  Make your own, simple, modern, personal candle sticks for the season.


When I saw Mina’s Snowman Cake Pops, yesterday (Day 6) it make me want to pull out our snowflake and snowman to keep creating more. I’d love to see these painted with small hands. They’re perfect gifts for teachers and grandparents; as well as a holiday Hostess Gift.

This year, I’ve pulled out a special set of our Danish Royal Copenhagen Porcelin along with blue Christmas Plates from Rorstrand. The colours are just beautiful and I’m feeling inspired to find items that combine well with these.   Rather than pulling out our silver candle sticks, I really wanted a modern, everyday, raw look and these candles brought just what I had in mind.

I’ve left some unpainted; have set aside some for the kids to paint as gifts;  but, I used India Ink on these to achieve this transparent, yet fully pigmented, water-colour effect.  I was able to paint directly onto the dried pieces. By painting exaggerated patterns that mimic the Royal Copenhagen plate and then, just painting some of the others in the matching blue, we have the perfect mix and match set.

This is another holiday DIY handmade gift that I just love to make both alone and with the kids.

I’d like to note that although, I wanted this raw and unfinished look, I’ve included instructions within the tutorial for how to get smoother and more refined results.  


Air Dry Clay
Cookie Cutters

Paint and paint brush

Step 1.
Roll out clay on work surface. You may use a rolling pin or press with your hands.
If you would like to make candle holders like this, I pressed with my hands.


Step 2.
Press candle base into, but not through, the clay form.


Step 3.
Let air dry according to instructions.

Step 4.
Use or paint.



Tips for a Smooth Surface:
If you would prefer a smooth, polished surface, use a rolling pin to evenly roll out the clay.
Once you have cut out the shape, dip your fingers in water and smooth the surface of the clay. 
If you have a spatula, this will work well to lift the clay from your work surface.

After the clay has dried and you would like to smooth the surface further, use a fine grain sandpaper to smooth away the grainy surface and dips. (We make these Alphabet Containers with this technique.) 


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