How to make a non-fussy wreath with fresh flowers

9 March 2016

If you are not a terribly fussy person, a wreath is a very simple thing to make.
It’s almost as easy as 1, 2, put on your shoes; 3, 4 walk out the door; 5, 6 pick up sticks.

Looking for signs of Spring this past week, lead me to this idea: could I add fresh cut, Spring flowers, to my Spring Pussy Willow Wreath? And, it worked! I can’t wait to share it with you, too!


Gather your branches, grab a helper and create:

willow-leadwreath-art willow-wreath500a_6

Let’s  make a non-fussy wreath with fresh flowers


Yes, here’s the trick: one glass vial.
I’ve been saving vanilla bean vials and this is what I’ve used.

One simple wreath: 

(branches, twigs and spring, floral wire, cutting tool)
– Step one: Overlap branches
Step two:
Bind branches with floral wire.
Continue until a complete wreath is formed.
Step 3:
Add the vials. You can add several vials depending on the number of flowers you would like to have.
In the wreath I made today, I’ve used 3 vials.
To add the vial, start by wrapping the vanilla tube with the floral wire, like this:
– Insert the glass vial into the wreath.
– Slide fresh cut flowers into the vial.
Add ribbon, hang and enjoy!

Hello Friends. Overdue greetings this March! I’m so happy to meet you on this Spring day. I hope it’s a wonderful one and that this is a tutorial for you. We still have patches of snow on our lawn. I’m feeling so busy, catching up after the kids Winter break but, am thrilled to have one wreath hung by my front door before 9 AM today.  That’s right they’re that simple to make. This one came together,  after kids school drop offs, an errand or two, and two walked dogs (complete with showers after a  muddy morning trek.)

Heidi, kept watch, as I assembled this wreath for our front door and it’s added the perfect touch of house-happy-accomplishment to the day.

Wreaths and floral crowns go so hand-in-hand with happy strolls but, the truth is: twigs won’t tell a soul if you’ve bought them from your grocer at the end of a hectic day, pulled them from an over grown abandoned lot  or have had a wondrous afternoon, dampening your Hunter boot toes over the moss and and happening upon the first flowers of Spring.  Even if you your non-fussy wreath doesn’t remind you of an Elisabeth Bennet Springtime walk, I think when a wreath walks on the wild side, it induces stories and imagination. I’d love to see what you do with this, too!
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