Nature Craft for kids: Let’s Paint with Dandelions

26 May 2016

Today, I want to share a nature craft for kids. I love nature crafts because these usually combine physical activity with imagination which leads to conversation.  These are all of the key elements make happy parents and happy kids!

This Spring, I’ve been exploring simple ways to get creative with nature around us. Since Spring brings dandelions in abundance, I wanted to move past the idea that these are a weed and onto the idea that these are a fabulous resource for imagination.  Using Dandelions for painting feels unconventional and a little zany but, it works!

Come join me below….
Updated Dandelion Project Cardsa

Through kids eyes, to me, the arrival of dandelions means play! This idea came as I thought, what else can we do with dandelions after going through the whole list of Dandelion Basics:

  • make flower crowns | here | here | here with dandelions.
  • We weave wild weaving dandelions.
  • Play “Do you like Butter. Do you hate butter?”
  • We imagine flower animals with dandelions.
  • Blow dried white dried dandelion heads magically into a warm, summer, breeze
  • Now, we’ve tested an idea: you can “paint”  with dandelions, too.
  • We’re tried it own and have an idea that I want to pass along to you: paint with them! You can paint with Dandelions by using this technique.

This is an ultimate, crazy-simple, nature, summer, fun, experimentation project with beautiful outcome and all you need are two supplies.  For us, it’s even a “Big and Small” makers project.


Send the kids out for bunches of this bright yellow flower and then, try this experiment!

All you need: 1 Dandelion and Paper.

  • Use the head for painting by simply pressing the head onto your paper.
  • Use the flower’s head to draw with on paper.
  • Let the kids experiment by making patterns or use the color to embellish a drawing.
  • updated Dandelion_CARDSa
  • If you’d like to use a Dandelion template that I made, click HERE.



updated Dandelion-COLORING-LEADIf you don’t want to stop your dandelion creating, here’s something else you might like:

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