Draw with Pet Prompts (and Printable)

14 July 2016

Oh, my! How can it already be July!

It’s been so long since I’ve had the chance to put a blog post up but,  I’ve really really wanted to share this simple and fun summer project. These are both incredibly simple and incredibly fun. Do you have a pet or does someone in your house want one?  Plus Parents: you don’t even have to have a pet of your own: you can borrow ours.)

What? How can this be? Just jump with us below!

Henry and Heidi, our dogs end up in a lot of family photos.  The idea for this was planted when our kids cousins visited recently. They had so much fun with our dogs and one, was often looking for costumes to dress Heidi up. I snapped several of her in sun glasses during this time and, when our cousins returned home and we were sending them off a note, this idea came to me:  why not use Heidi’s photos as a drawing prompt. Have you done this before?

The process:

– Take a photo of your pet (or loan ours | Print here).

– Print this on white paper (or cut around the photo and glue directly onto paper)

– Now, draw.

Our first “Pet Prompt” Art was thank you notes.

Our drawings, using these prompts, were of Heidi doing things we loved with cousins (like: Heidi, paddle boarding and Heidi playing basketball.) It was the perfect way to get us reflecting and started.

Once started, it was easy to keep going and to continue drawing Heidi in scenes of summer.

Draw. Enjoy and if you’re looking for more, these are a few ways we’ve used these Pet Prompts:

Post Cards + Note Cards

Printed small and heavy card stock, these make a fantastic stash of personalised note cards.

Luggage Tags

I loved these so much that I thought they’d make super, standout, luggage tags so, with one set: we coloured, laminated and added a luggage tie.

Artwork for our Pet Gallery:

These inspired so much creativity and thought that we’re already on our way to creating a summer, pet journal and I’m eying one up to add to our Pet Gallery, as well.

If you use this tutorial and/or printable, I’d just love, love, love to see what you do. We’d love to see where Heidi travels with you. Share these with us on Instagram or Facebook

Tag me and also, use the: #willowdayproject tag! 


(I didn’t mean for high summer to come before I had the chance to pop in but hope you’ve been able to find other projects in our archives!)

Willowday Wishes!

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