Make Pompom Book Marks

6 September 2016
Hi. Ready for creative fun and a project that you can use immediately, too?  I’m thrilled to share a project with “something for everyone” today. Slipping back into school schedules, for me, meant thinking of a very simple, back-to-school project and it’s a project for anyone of any age!
Make Pompom Book Marks. 
These are such a simple, fun, relaxing to make project:
perfect for kid-makers — side-by-side with you or in groups — for teachers, hostess presents — but, why not make one for you, too!

I honestly couldn’t choose what I like more: the ultra, long, multi-pompom bookmark or carefully crafted shortie. Plus, it’s a project for anyone who’d like to do step it up a notch.

I’ve included a few pompom plus versions, as well:
– Pussy Willow Leaf  Bookmark
– Apple-Book Mark Bookmark

Continue with me below. 



The idea is very simple but, super functional. How long or how short you’d like the pompom embellishment to be, is us to you. (Plus, they make reading such fun, right?) Ordinary dime-store pompoms are elevated and I love adding a tassel to the end. 

This is what you need:

– Large Paper Clips

– Pompoms

(I prefer the felted wool variety but ordinary hobby-store pompoms work perfect, too)
– Scissors
( I prefer an embroidery scissors.)
– Needle and thread
(I used embroidery thread and a thicker metallic sewing thread.)

optional but, necessary if you’d like to make the apples and willow leaves.

If using felted wool pompoms, I like to prepare them by punching a hole through the middle before inserting the thread. I just find this to be easier and if I make these with a group of younger kids, I would prepare them with holes before starting.

To make this hole, you can use an oversized needle, a thin knitting needle or the pointy end of a scissors, which is what we did.

To start:
– Thread the needle and pull so that needle is in the middle.- Pull the needle through the pompom and then through the top end of the paper clip
Now, insert the needle back to create a tie and insert the needle back though the hole.

This will attach the pompom to the paper clip.

– If you want just one pompom, you can stop with just one.

– Tie the end in a top knot or turn it into a tassel (or attach a pre-made one)
– If you’d like a long, pompom book mark, continue adding pompoms.
-Tie at the end
– (or end with a tassel, like we did in a few of our examples.)
To make the Apple Book Mark:
– Continue after first steps to attach a single red pompom.
– Cut green leaves from felt
– Stitch through the leaves to attach
– If you would like a dark stem, like ours, I used a permanent brown marker to tint the top.
– Cut any loose ends.
To make a  Willow Book Mark,
– Start by attaching one white pompom, as I have; using metallic thread.
– Cut one long willow leaf
– Attach leaf to pompom and stitch down the middle.
Have fun!
This project was the greatest way to raid my every growing pompom supply. Are you like me, picking up pretty objects when you travel? I’m weak for pompoms, ribbons, paper items and fabrics.

(Forever emblazoned in my memory is the fact that a friend’s husband can testify to this fact, after standing behind me in airport check-in, where I had to have my bags examined! Opening my suitcase for the world to see was humbling and the experience has made me think twice about what I bring back with me; but, by no means have I stopped.) 

As always, I love to hear from you and see what you do with these tutorials when you mail me, share on Instagram (Use the tag #willowdayproject) or share Facebook.

We’re starting to feel the swing of our school schedule and hope you’re feeling the same, if it’s school start near you, too. This project isn’t exclusively for school start — it’s really an any time project and I think a great hostess or teacher gift. Thank you for reading and coming along with us.

Willowday Wishes.

big-and-small-collageI’m such a believer in the magic of side-by-side making, which doesn’t always mean that you should be making cookie cutter copies of one another’s projects.  I think that there’s magic in sharing time and materials but, taking it in directions that are suited to you. The  Big + Small projects that I’ve shared here, are projects that I hope can bring you a starting point for similar every day creating for you — big and small.I think you can see on kid’s faces a feeling of joy, liberation, pride and independence when given the chance to use and express themselves by the same materials you are to create,  side-by-side with you. These pieces of artwork tend to be the meaningful once, right? These are the pieces that you keep and they remind of of something bigger or more special.Today’s Pompom Bookmarks are a project that is a perfect example of big and small making. I’ve pulled out just a few below and really, I tend to think almost all willowday projects have this element.
Adults can work at length with details and small, fine, additions but, small hands will get great satisfaction from simply threading beads onto the paper clips with an adult to help them tie.