A special gift for Willowday Readers — something, just for you

2 December 2016


I have something extra special for you today. If you’re following along with The Creative Collective Sweden & Friends , “A Creative Christmas Calendar,” then you might already know that this is our third year of creating together and that it’s a very special year. I could gab and gab about who we have in this year’s calendar, but I’m going to go straight to the GIFT and how you can get it! 


PART 1: GIFT: A book just for you | HERE

For a FREE COPY of  The Creative Collective Sweden & Friends ,

“A Creative Christmas Calendar BOOK | YEAR 1 | CLICK HERE 

Hi Friends. I’m updating this post. If you are an earlier subscriber, then I hope you’ve received a personal mail with a link to this book from me.

Since I’m not sure that I’ve reached everyone, I want to make sure that everyone who’s joined me at willowday gets this little gift, I‘m now going to share a link right now.  

I would like to give Karin Schaefer of pysselbolaget , who shared DAY 3 a special thanks.  Karin has been my partner in “A Creative Christmas Calendar” from the moment I shared the idea of her over coffee.   This year, when  I told her of my idea to create this book just for you reader, she said “yes,” immediately and she’s designed a beautiful book that I can’t wait to get it into your hands! Thank you, Karin.

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In addition to using the book traditionally, I’ve also been printing it out at  50 % of it’s original size and creating a mini-book that I’m topping presents with. Since the ideas in the book range from Scandinavian baking to DIY, the book is such a great compliment to seasonal gifts and to elevate a small hostess gift. If you want to make Paper Pompoms, like those above, they’re in the book or you can see the original post here.  It means so much to meet you and I’d really like to get this into your hands as a thanks.


Willow Wishes!

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