DAY 11: DIY Dala Horse Boxes

11 December 2016


dalahorse_post_main1600bDala Horses delivered right to your door. Good Morning and welcome to DAY 11 in The Creative Collective’s Scandinavian Christmas Calendar. I’m so happy to meet you here.

I think the classic, carved, red Dala Horse,  feels like it could have been the original “it gift” in Swedish Christmas giving. Just the word makes me imagine a scene with a happy, humming, Father, carving an old-fashioned-Dala Horse for his sons and daughters to play with;  today, I can’t get this easy-to-make, cardboard version, into your hands fast enough for you to horse around, too! You can make a modern, quick and easy,  Dala Horse of your own. 

There are so many ways these Dala Horses can be used: gift boxes, place settings, craft projects or even as toys. I made these “triplet-horses” for the last day in my children’s  Advent Calendars this year, above. I will also make these with a group of kids in the week ahead + some extras for gifts. They come together very quickly and, although I’m not exactly following classic painting rules of this region in Sweden, they sit side-by-side, with our original “Dalahäst” and hold their own. I can’t wait to see what you do.

Are you ready to start?


  • Re-cycled Box (I think re-cycled Tea Boxes that open on top are perfect for this project)
  • Paint  (Or Duct tape or Washi Tape, if you prefer to add color and details with these supplies)
  • Cutting Tool (Scissors for young children | Xacto knives work great for grown ups)
  • Cardboard
  • Draw legs and head on the cardboard.
  • Paint Body, legs and head:
    Start with the base color. Let base dry; then,  add the details.
  • Notch bottom for both legs and for head.
  • Slide legs and head into place.



Fill and enjoy!

If you would like another reference to look at for the construction, I’ve used the same techniques here that I used to create the DIY Unicorn Banks with | HERE.  (In fact, now: I really want to make a Dala-Unicorn! Could that be an idea for you? If you use this tutorial — or get to try this idea before I do —  I would love to see what you do with it. You can email me or share it on  Instagram or Facebook. Use #willowdayproject tag! Wishes to you today.

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Yesterday, DAY 10, we were over at Sweet Paul Magazine | HERETomorrow, DAY 12, join, Sophia at her positively magical space: MOKKASSIN.

I’m so thankful for all of the blogs and guests who joined us here this year. I truly hope you’ll have the chance to move through the calendar, day by day, to unfold each individuals creative Scandinavian touch this season. We’re not even half way through the calendar but, I feel that it’s such a privilege to join them all. I truly hope you’re enjoying this, too and that the inspiration is something you take and make your own.  If you following along, did you see this special little subscriber present I’ve shared just before we started this year? HERE


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