Happy New Year

5 January 2017

Happy New Year!

I hope that yours has been wonderful.   Today, I’m sharing a few views from northern Sweden and travels we took before the holidays. 1600-god-juld

We’ve been back for less than 24 hours from the US. I’m not ready to download our photos until our ski clothes have been put away, lists checked and we’re in our local rhythm again but, I did want to say hello.

Our holidays have been full of snow from the high altitude mountains and now back, seaside,  in Sweden. These Narnian scenes, thoughts of the New Year,  have me looking forward and a quote:

You are never too old to set another goal or dream another dream — C.S. Lewis  


I feel amazingly fortunate to have parents who’ve continually gifted this idea in their living of  their every day lives and who’s idea of holiday fun was to put on skis and to head to the mountain with all of their children and grandchildren; but, not until after we’d celebrated Christmas Day traditionally with my my 96 year old Grandmother.  My Grandmother says that she need to practices her playing all of December but, continues to beautifully accompany (and sing) with our family on the piano, as we raise the roof singing Christmas Carols and improv,  after all of the Grandchildren sing or play the piano, cello, trumpet and more,  for their annual Christmas Show as we’ve done through the generations.

Paths are created and dreams are born in this spirit. My wishes for you to find this clearly, at an arms length, in the world around you; or to create it: and take it forward, too. Happy New Year!





Our refrigerator is empty and as I write our shopping list, I’m including the ingredients for our King’s Cake tomorrow.  My husband makes hits yearly and his southern-French brioche recipes is  household favorite.

Gâteau des Rois | Kings Cake and Paper Crowns recipe here|


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