Flower Face Vases

5 May 2017

Hey Mama! You’re beautiful like a flower.

Make Mom a Flower Face Vase.


A perfect present for Mom: one that combines the language of flowers and love. In fact, it’s a present that she’ll be able to use again and again.

I know that Happy Mothers Day is coming soon, if you live in the US.  If you’re abroad, I hope this is something for you on your Mother’s Day, too. (Or, really: any time of the year!)

I’m thinking of my Mom and early memories of my mother graciously accepting my Dandelion Bouquet, tending her yellow roses while looking so beautiful as she was wearing a yellow summer dress and many more that have continued throughout my life.  My Mom reminds me of all of the flowers of world and I cherish all of my mother moments when the kids have given me flowers, too.

Make your Mom a  Flower Face Vase, too. 


Make these with children by guiding them through this process or make one for yourself. Make Flower Face Vases

Let’s get started

This is what you need: Clay.

That’t it! Clay.

Before starting, I’ll just share that you can make these very simple, by hand, or a put in a little more details for adults.

I used Hobby Clay and since these crafting clays don’t hold water, I fit the Flower Face Vase around a small, glass, drinking glass so that it could really be used to hold and keep flowers. These are built on a basic pinch pot principal, but, if you’d like a smoother, more ”finished” surface, then, have a small little bowl with water for smoothing. To create a smooth surface,  dip your fingers in the water while making these and to smooth out edges with moist finger tips.

Make the flowers by hand or you might also like to use a cutting object, like a knife, to make the flower petals.  To create uniform petals, I recommend rolling a coil and cutting like up like a baguette!

Once you have these uniform slices, these can be pinched into petal shapes.

FLOWERVASEMAINbIf the clay is drying faster than you desire, slightly damped the area of the clay that will be attaching to the pot.

How to Make Flower Face Vases

Make the Base.

Start with a small ball of clay.

Roll it into a ball and work it to press out air bubbles and, in the cup of your hand, shaping it into a small vase.

As you go, fit the base around the glass.

Since I want this vase to be able to actually hold water and flowers, I formed the vase around a small glass drinking cup. (After the clay dries, you can slip this glass back into the Flower Face Vase so that it you can have a water proof vase. (If you have access to a kiln: Lucky you!)

I shaped this with a smaller neck and larger, rounder, head. When working with smaller kids, I have them only make a cylinder form.

Make the Flowers and any additional embellishment. This one has hair and flowers.

Using the tip of a wooden skewer or knife, press in facial features or patterns.
FLower VaseHOWTOa_1FLower VaseHOWTOaLet clay dry.

Paint with hobby color. You can use all types of paint that are suitable for clay, along with permanent makers.

Let paint dry.

Slip glass into the vase.

The vase is now ready for giving and for Flowers.


Happy Mother’s Day to you and to all of those women special around you.

(And Happy Flower Day, too because these could add beauty and happiness any day of the year.=

As always, I love to see what you do with this tutorial. Share it with my on INSTAGRAM or  FACEBOOK and tag it with #willowdayproject to share with others, too.


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