Flower Straw Toppers

13 June 2017
1600 Flower Strawduo

Flower Straw Toppers are blooms for you to have inside or out!

This time of the year, isn’t there always a reason to add a flower detail. These details also need to be quick and easy. After crowning our Maypole Cupcakes with Flower Toppers, we couldn’t stop cutting paper flowers and realised that these would make the perfect straw toppers — transforming ordinary beverages into a garden! We used our Flower Straw Toppers for a spontaneous house party but, these would work perfectly for a big party and are also a super, small hand, craft.

Make Flower Straw Toppers, too.

Follow below for the full tutorial

  • 220g paper
  • scissors
  • straws.
To make:
  • Cut paper squares. If you would like to make flowers like ours, we cut 5 inch squares (12.5 cm.)
  • Using the traditional snowflake fold, fold in 1/2.
  • Fold this 1/2 square in 1/2  half again
  • Turn the square and fold down the middle (making a fold from one point to another)
  • Trimming or rounding the top edge so that it resembles a cone shape.
  • The difference will be to clip a small, small, hole at the point with which to slip the straw through.
  • Once the flower has been unfolded, fit the flower over the top of the straw. and you are ready for a party!
  • These flowers are made from household materials meaning that you can throw a party at any time — a rainy day, a teddy bear party or as party favors. Happy Making!
    1600 Flower Strawb

Pictured above:

1. Start by folding your square in half and then, folding that half in half again. 

2. Hold the folded square in your hand and fold the square diagonally, making a triangle.

3. One you have the triangle, cut a petal shape along the top edge. Snip a small amount from the point for the straw.

4. Unfold. 

Flowery wishes.

  • I’d love to see these embellished: painted, dipped or some treatment to personalise them further. If you use a willowday tutorial, I would love to see them. Tag them on Instagram and  Facebook to share! Thank you for joining me.

(Special Note: If you recognise this post, I published it early but, it was lost (shiver) in technical problems that I had in December and that I’m currently working, behind the scenes, to recover.  I’ve received a number of request for these all Spring and decided to publish it again to share. )

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