Make a Watermelon Flower

1 July 2017

Watermelon Flower Greetings.

JUly 1 Peony 3 ways

A watermelon flower welcome to July feels just right.  I’m immersed in both flowers and watermelon,  as we’re digging into summer. Are you, too?


JUly 1 Peony Breakfastb

How to make super simple Watermelon Flowers:

  • Scoop 2 watermelon balls
  • Place one in the middle of desired plate or bowl.
  • Slice the second ball in 5 slices.
  • Arrange these slices around the center ball
  • Voila: You have a Watermelon Flower.If you’re like me and misplace your classic melon baller over the winter or maybe relegate it the back drawer because it’s just not that pretty, I’ve replaced our traditional melon baller with my coffee scooper from Hay. It works beautifully to make a little melon flower to welcome my hubby back from travels.  JUly 1 Peony BreakfastEverything is different in Sweden after Midsummer celebrations, including us.Rain or shine, we’re barefoot a little more.Our calendar feels based more on flights schedules than clocks.

    Time mimic our moods, not the dials and it’s wonderful.

    With the sun never dipping deeply under the horizon. Midnight is a fuzzy notion. If you’re a first time visitor to Sweden, these long nights of light and dusk will most likely surprise you even if you’ve heard about them before. Colors just look different when you stroll at night under the midnight sun. (If you’ve never consider this before, we’re sitting at  59+ degrees N. Spin your globe around with a finger at 59 degree north to see where we compare to you place on the globe.)

    If you’re Swedish friend who’s living in Sweden, then, I doubt you’re on-line or even reading this — scandinavian summer means Summer with a capital “s” in Sweden: swimming and chasing the sun; but, I wanted to send you all a soft July hello and a small little twist you can make with Watermelon, too. Watermelon Flowers.

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I’m so happy to meet you here and to meet your friends. Thank you for joining me and thank you for spreading the word to make the world a happy place to raise happy, healthy, creative young movers and makers with me!  Willowday Wishes