Where to eat in Stockholm with kids

5 July 2017

Where to eat in Stockholm with kids?

Food is such a fun way to get to know a city or a culture.   Visiting Stocholm with kids? Here’s an updated list of our favorite places to eat in Stockholm as a family. Where to eat in Stockholm with kids.

STOCKHOLM EATING_MIDDLEA traditional Swedish breakfast is usually eaten home: a simple sandwich — often hard bread — fil-milk or yogurt but, you can pick up a basic breakfasts at most cafes. Brunches can be found, too.

Lunches are smart on budgets . These usually include bread, salad and beverage.  With one year of Swedish maternity and paternity leave, cafes and lunch restaurants are lively with Latte Mommies and Latte Daddies with their babies, making cafes ready and equipped for kids.

When it comes to pastries, Sweden has many traditional treats: cinnamon buns (Bulle), marzipan confections (Dammsugare; aka vacuum cleaners) and Chocolate Balls, to name a few. Maybe you’ve tried the Swedish Princess Torta before? You can often find a slice of this traditional birthday cake at most bakeries, called Konditori or cafes.

This list is based on experience: places my kids love and places we take guests with kids.

I’ve chosen options from casual to white linen.  I like to tease my oldest son that I dressed him in white and we dined everywhere up until he was 3 (This is true). These days, like most teenagers, he prefer burgers, Italian or Mexican so I’ve included some of his teen pleasing-favourites for you, too. In Stockholm, the food truck phenomenon has spread throughout the city, but original, Swedish “street” food includes: hotdogs wrapped in mashed potatoes or/and grilled herring served up on hard bread. Are you game?  I share the links to find these. Peruse this list to find where to eat in Stockholm with kids! I’d love to hear from you and what you enjoy.

Where to eat in Stockholm with kids

Come along with us:

Where to eat in Stockholm with kids: BREAKFAST CAFES | BREAKFAST

  • Current favorite: (Söder + Vasastan) CAFE Pascal | Small, lovely and family owned. This is my daughter’s current favorite and I understand why.   I love the avocado toast here. For her, with poached egg; mine without.   Family Friendly. Accomdate small children and has high chairs.  
  • Saturnus:  French-Swedish. This is favorite with everyone in my family and — everyone — including the Swedish Princess Madeleine. I’d call it in institution for local families.  Breakfast. Lunch. Coffee. Take away. The largest (and most scrumptious) traditional Swedish cinnamon bun, a Bulle, can be found here.
  • Urban Deli. Breakfast, Lunch, snack, dinner + Deli.  Bustling with everything. Something for everyone; all times of the day. Several locations. The first Urban Delcan be found on Söder but, you can now find it in several places around the city.  Id you’re looking for a reason to leave the city center for the artistic and hip area of the city, a visit to this location is a great idea . It’s next to a park where you can go afterwards and the kids can burn off energy. If you dare, peek up the street into the windows of, Pärlan, to see a soft carmel store from the 1930’s making and selling these popular candies.  (Ladies, around the corner, you will find the Hasbeens Flagship clogs store.)
  • Story Hotel. Full Sweidsh-style, hotel, breakfast buffet; prepared for families with kids.
  • Petite France  French-Swedish. Breakfast. Lunch. Coffee. Take away.  Limited seating but, outdoor seating, too.
  • Cafe Rival | Easy cafe for coffee or breakfast for the whole family on lovely Mariatorget close to super rambling area of galleries, shopping and strolling in söder between Slussen to Swedenborgsgatan.
  • Haymarket.  Ala carte breakfast on Hötorget. My daughter and I love the avocado toast here. Since this is a hotel, it’s a location that’s prepared for full family experiences.
  • Vete Kattan and Sture Kattan  This is a place to go, if you’d like to experience a trip through time and an old fashioned Swedish Classic cafe with baked goods, quiche, warm sandwiches, soup and coffee.  Both cafes are decorated in a way that feel as though you’re back in “Mormor’s” home with traditional Swedish cafe food. Sture Kattan’s in a building from the 18th Century.
  • Rosendalsträgård: A favorite that I’m including here but, they don’t open until 11: This is more than a cafe. It’s an experience. Greenhouse Cafe on Djurgården. Djurgården is the central garden island and a place that you could easily spend an entire day. (See this list of things to do in Stockholm) . No rush here.
  • NK I like the cafe on the entrance floor for lunch and coffee when looking for a  Classic Department Cafe experience. Fun for people watching.
    Snack: Hot Chocolate for the kids. Coffee with an NK mint for me.
    Lunch: Shrimp Salad for me. Croque Monsieur for the kids.

Where to eat in Stockholm with kids: “COFFEE or ON THE GO”


Where to eat in Stockholm with kids: FOOD HALLS | DELIS | FOOD YOU CAN EAT WITH YOUR HANDS


Where to eat in Stockholm with kids: ASIAN:

  • Ariang: Popular Korean. Take out, too.
  • * Thaiboat. Super, fun ambiance with a great kitchen that pays attention to details. “Thai … on a boat.”
  • Restaurang Ho’sA diner, style, Chinese, favorite.  Family run, best Chinese in town. Long time Family Favorite. 
  •  Tezukuri :  If you’d like to leave the centre to the city, this is in the area of the city that’s part marina with the city’s “ski hill” and was designed to maximise ecology and the environment. It’s a family favourite. And, I always order the “Halstrad Lax” which is off the menu: a flash braised salmon.
  • * Wagamama
  • Sushi Yama
  • EAT: Asian blend
  • Nooshi Sushi: Teen favorite. Asian buffet located in the Kulturhuset building.


Where to eat in Stockholm with kids: ITALIAN:

  • Vapiano (Gamla Stan) and (Östermalm) | Italian. Super family friendly. This is a very easy place to take the family.
  • * Taverna Brillo (Östermalm) | Italian for everyone.  Family friendly. Down town.  This is a very easy place to take the family but, is can be hard to hear since it’s popular and usually, fully packed.
  • Pane Fesca at Åhlens | Super family friendly.  This is a very easy place to take the family.
  • Ciao Ciao Pizza |(NOTE : outside the city):– My family insisted that I include their favorite take out pizza: sour dough crust pizza from Ektorps Pizzeria. – For ambience, I also take guests for pizza at Stazione: a pizzeria in an old train station.


Where to eat in Stockholm with kids: GRILLED + BURGERS

  • *Phil’s Burger: Perfect burger, fries and shakes. Our boys favorite.
  • Texas Longhorn Steak house Casual. Food just like the title suggests. Open on Sundays, too | VERY family friendly. Our boys other favorite. I like it because I can get a delicious fajita salad.
  • Urban DeliSödermalm, Sveavagen, Sickla for breakfast, lunch, take out and dinner at the Sickla location): Great swedish meatballs + Sweden vegetarian along with fish and grilled meat.

Where to eat in Stockholm with kids: FISH


Where to eat in Stockholm with kids: MUSEUM RESTAURANTS

Artipelag Museum. This is a museum outside the city in the archiligo, but you can take a ferry from Nybrokajen back and forth. Enjoy their buffets or a coffee surrounded by art and the swedish sea.

Where to eat in Stockholm with kids: DINING with NAPKINS AND TABLE MANNERS, PLEASE.

  • Grand Hotel Veranda:  A favorite: My favorites are: Afternoon Tea, Ceasar Salad and kid sized hamburgers on the Veranda
  • Kommadören I dream about their Thai seared Tuna salad, Lobster Tacos and the kids love their sliders. Brunch, too.
  • Gondolen. Classic, great view with classics and also a kid’s menu but, the area is currently under construction
  • Grodan (Östermalm): A Swedish Classic. Meatballs.  Seafood Stew.
  • Teatergrillen: Classic after-theater.
  • Berns Asiatiska A favorite but not a place for a budget. Beautiful historic location.
  • Wedholms Fisk: Business atmosphere that serves generous portions of the best fish caught that day. Although it’s very grey flannel, it’s impeccable staff are great with kids who use their napkins and enjoy fish and seafood.
  • Cadier Bar in the Grand Hotel.
  •  Villa Källhagen  On Djurgården which means room to run afterwards to before, for the kids.

Ok. My boys told me that “all teens need to know the Swedish Fast Food Chains,”  as well.  Max Burger and Sibylla.   Texas Longhorn Steak houseTacoBar and Zocalo fit this list, too.  My daughter + I love this healthy fast-food Blueberry. (Oh, the boys do, too!) 

DINING with kids_b

I hope that this will provide you a small road map to planning your visit to Stockholm with kids.  If there’s something else you’re looking for, I’d love to hear from you. Pursue my blog for more about SWEDEN. There is so much more to see.  I really want you to enjoy your stay in Stockholm and hearing from you! Share your visit with me on Instagram  or Facebook

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