Snowman Nightlight Ornament

17 December 2017

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Looking for a simple project to make with your kids? Make these Snowman Nightlight Ornaments: Frosty the Snowman’s coming to town in the shape of a Snowman Nightlight Ornament.

Today, make Snowman Nightlights,  for bedsides or to use as a special ornament.

Continue with me below for tutorial…



Let’s make a Snowman Nightlight Ornament

Wishing you such a wonderful weekend and winter holidays. Make these today, for bedsides, as ornaments, for the the holidays or as a lasting winter project.


Let’s start:

Materials: Ping Pong balls, Xacto Knife, Makers, Hot Glue, Washi tape (optional) LED Tea light

Step 1. for 3 ball Snowman: Cut center area off of middle ball.

Step 2: Cut x-shape into bottom ball. The trick to even lighting within the snowman is to cut a large hole. Make the hole as large as you can, while maintaining a snowman shape.

Step 3. Cut bottom off top ball.

Step 4: Glue top onto middle and middle onto bottom

Step 5: Draw face and details.

Step 6 : Press and slide onto the LED base

Step 7: Optional: If using as ornament, dot glue on top and press ribbon in place.

Enjoy these snowmen as nighlights or as ornaments.SNOWMAN_1600_HOWTOB

As always, I ‘d love to see what you do with this tutorial. If you make these, please share them with me on Instagram or Facebook


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