Gift Wrap Series #26: Hand Print Gift Wrap — Mother’s Day Inspired

9 May 2013


Are you ready for Mother’s Day?

This gift wrap is perfect for Mom. It’s an all in one: card + gift bag that is complete with a flower. I’ve been so captivated by the Swedish Spring “Gulsippa” flowers (here) that I wanted to come up with a way to send some these to our Mothers (and the other special Mothers in our lives, too.) With Gray’s help, we’ll share both how we made these Spring Flowers and how to make the Handprint Gift Bags, too.



just an idea: ... fill one of these “Mother’s Day Brown Paper Gift Bags” for a surprise Mother’s Day Picnic! I have stand out memories of Mother’s Day picnics with my Mom, as a child. (Click on “READ MORE” below for full tutorial and more)
If you are celebrating Mother’s Day this Sunday, I wish you a wonderful day and if you’re not, I wish you a special weekend, too! In Sweden, today is a National Holiday. We’re off tomorrow, which means I’m taking a long weekend with my family. I can’t wait to meet you back here next week. Willowday wishes for a wonderful weekend!
SUPPLIES:Coffee Supply Filters
Watercolor paint for the flowers— we used green and yellow with white
Tempera Paint for the handprints
Paint Brushes
Brown Paper Bag (or brown craft paper is you prefer to make these as a standard wrapping paper)
Washi Tape
Let’s get started. 

PREP #1:1. Paint your coffee filters by first dipping the coffee filter into water. Once the coffee filter has been dampened, paint it. The material in coffee filters absorbs color unevenly (which I love) and I pushed this effect a little more by almost painting these in anombre effect (here): painting the base the darkest and working toward the end with lighter color. Let dry.

PREP #2:6. Using white paint, squeeze onto prepare palette (We use paper plates) and dip hand evenly onto the paper bag. Carefully create a handprint in the middle, bottom, of the brown paper bag. If you are could like to make traditional wrapping paper, fit the craft paper to your gift box, estimate the correct placement and make the handprint in the center of the box. Let dry.

2 + 3. Once the coffee filters are dry, cut across the filter, retaining the circular shape, making scallop cuts on the top edge and straight across on the bottom.

4. Wrap this cutting around the top of the twig. After making the first wrapping around the twig, glue the base of these petals and continue wrapping.

5. Once the wrapping is complete, tape the flower’s base with washi tape to create the base and to hold the flower head onto the stick.
(See images above)

Using the green coffee filter, cut one larger leaf and write your greeting on this petal.

To assemble, first discreetly tape the leaf to the bag with greeting aware of placement. At an angle, so that it looks like the hand is holding the flower, tape the flower into the hand.

Fill your Gift Bag with your present and you are ready to go I hope this puts a smile on someone special’s face!  I’d love to see what you do with this idea and, as always, love to hear from you.
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