DAY 20 | Glutenfree Christmas Bread

20 December 2017

I’m thrilled to introduce today’s post and guest,  Annelie of Blomster och bakverk which translates to Flowers and Baked Goods.


A glutenfree Christmas Bread is born. Both due to the season but also since I was asked by sweet Gina to join this years’ edition of The Creative Collective Sweden. Today is my day and my treat is one of the most popular glutenfree bread recipes here. Made it a bit more christmassy with seasonal spices. Talking about spices. If you just want a touch of the Christmas flavours, use the less amount. If you really want the bread to taste like Christmas, just double it.  —- Annilie 


Hi, I hope these days leading up to Christmas are filled with all things good for you. Annelie’s images are just perfect to settle my mind today as I check things off lists. Are you feeling the same?

Annelie’s  blog, Blomsterochbakverk, translates to, Flowers and Baked Goods,  and spells out exactly what you get when you visit Annelie. We met via your shared love to flowers and when I saw her baked goods, I asked Annelie if she could share a Christmas Bread Recipe (here.) 



Baking Christmas Breads is a long tradition in Sweden and I’m extra thrilled that she’s sharing her Glutenfree version so that everyone can enjoy this seasonal delight. Thank you, Annelie