Finger Knit Valentine Decorations

28 January 2018

DIY Finger Knit Valentine Decorations. Do you want a Valentine’s Day decoration that looks like it could come right from a display in Anthropologie. Better yet, it’s a very simple project that your kids can make on their own or side-by-side with you. This is a project for all ages. This is a project with anyone with a little a little love in their hearts —- and a bit of finger knitting to spare.

I love decorations that are both so pretty and are fun to make for kids. Come join me below and I’ll share how to make DIY Finger Knit Valentine Decorations.

Finger Knit Valentine Decoration


Thank you, Maggy, of  REDTED, for having me as part of your 31 days of love series! I’m thrilled to share a finger knitting project — made with love — to spread the love, too.  


Prompted by the yarns and pompoms, earlier this week, I thought of these decorations we’ve recently made and wondered if you’ve tried? Adding Love, hugs, or heart are so incredibly simple to do with finger knitting. You choose what you’d like. A heart is the easiest and the words just need a little more small motor dexterity but are items that I think you, too, will enjoy for years.

Before getting started:

If you’ve never finger knit before, HERE, is a place to start.  When our kids start finger knitting, it felt like there was no stopping them. It’s actually pretty and has led ut to create many ideas.  The kids have many monogram ornaments , hairbands, , Rococo Wigs,  belts and more  — to just name a few, throughout the year. this year, We have hearts and “love” in our house. Follow me below to get started, too.



  • Wire (for words)
  • Wire Clothes Wire (for the heart)
  • Wire Cutters (optional),
  • Scissors
  • Red finger knitting.

Step 1. Cut wire (or clothes hanger) to desired length.

We used appoximately 1 meter (or 1 yard) red finger knitting + the same length of wire.

Step 2: Insert the metal wire through the middle of the finger knitting until the wire is completely covered. Cut and Tie off.

If you’d like add ribbon to hang or tack these directly to the wall. 



Monogram ornaments . There make such nice gifts. Whether it’s a birthday, a holiday, a teacher’s gift or Valentine’s Day. These are another very simple wire + finger knitting project that are tried and true. I’m pulling out these earlier photo for alittle inspiration for you because the principle is the same but, I know that we used pipe cleaners to make these smaller letters. If you click, HERE, you can go to that full post.  They were one of the first “project-projects” we made together from the finger knitting they made.

If you have small kids or work with small kids,  you know that in the beginning, just creating the finger knitting is a project on it’s own. I agree and there are oodles of projects that the kids made up from these own lengths of finger knitting. In fact, the kids delighted me with daily ideas: stuffed animal clothes, leashes and gloves  —– And, at one point, along with reading the Guinness World Book of Records, they also had an idea that they would create the longest length. I loved watching those ideas evolve and I really wish I had followed up on that because… perhaps they did make that goal. We had so much finger knitting in periods that I still have bags of it.


If you use this tutorial, I would love to see what you do and really wanted to give you a few direction to take creativity. Going back to the original statement, these are all projects that we’ve had around or will continue to have around because they were created with inspiration … and are pretty enough to find in a favourite boutique window.


Willowday Wishes.


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Willowday Wishes


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