Sneak Peak: Fir Fox + friends go abroad (“My ABC Flower Safari”)

14 September 2018

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Here’s a little Sneak peek as “Fir Fox + Friends” traveled to Ami Maes  and her, Handmakery’s Studio, in Colorado to participate in an ABC FLOWER SAFARI exhibit and a collaboration last week!

Fir Fox and 25 Friends — all made from flowers and hand-printed cardboard — served as my willowday Ambassadors and are a part of a 30 piece Exhibit that opened Sept 7 and have also been part of  collaboration with the  Handmakery Studio.  If you go to Ami’s studio, you can have a peep at who the Fir Foxes were hanging with. (Hint, do you remember the Lilac Llamas?…) 

This is a premiere but, also a prelude to a larger book project. As we’re closer to my October release date of ABC FLOWER SAFARI, kicking off a studio collaboration with Ami in her studio was a fun way to give a project a small pre-kick off. Maybe you’ve been following along with me, mostly in Instagram as I’ve encouraged kids and creatives to use nature to spark imagination and play. (#willowdayfox tales was a story for the summer but you can follow #willowdayflowersafari for more peaks into this?)  As a mother of three trilingual kids; an artist and illustrator and English teacher, the idea of using imagination to learn is natural to me and I’ve created this project to spread imagination and creativity to you, too.

All 26 new Alphabet FLOWER ANIMALS flew to Ami’s; are a part of  this special edition poster   | HERE | and will come out in October in picture book form.

– See Fir Fox and Friends fly + more ( here) on @willowdaygram. 

I’m so incredibly impressed with the kids at Handmakery Studio:

I just love this “Fir Fox + Friends”

E is for Eucalyptus Elephant


I’m so so thrilled to hear how the night went and to see all of these budding artists inspired by the project! Their Flower Safari inspired artwork thrilled me to the moon and back; along with their expressions and where the concept then took the young artists: Fix Foxes, Daisy Dogs, Peony Pigs and…. well, the full alphabet of Flower Animals and boy, did these kids rock the project°  I’m thrilled that Amy shared the night and did an incredible job capturing art work and expression. I’ll share the link below for you to see the collaborative night and more of Ami’s studio. Meeting Ami and connecting through creativity has been serendipitous and I honestly don’t want the project to end.



We met several years ago on Instagram (@willowdaygram + @handmakery) and became part of the Rockin’ Art Moms.  Over the years we’ve kept in touch and have formed a friendship afar…someday we’ll meet! When I started a summer series, Friday Flowers for Kids, on Instagram. Ami shared back precious flower art that she made during Rocky Mountain hikes that she was taking with her kids   — a friendship deepened and bloomed —  Ami is such a special person | here |


CLICK HERE for my new, ABC Flower Safari, book

Thank you so much for meeting me here. Thank you for a glimpse into this Alphabet Flower Project and I hope that you check out more of the exhibit at Ami’s: more.