Printable November Leaf Doodle Calendar

1 November 2018


November fills me with gratitude. It also inspired me to create a special gift just for you, Willowday Friends: A Printable November Leaf Doodle Calendar.

I appreciate your mails and read each and every one of them. I love to hear about how you use my printables, tutorials,  or ideas. Thank you for writing, sharing with me on Instagram and spreading willowday to your friends and colleges.

Just for willowday subscribers: A NOVEMBER LEAF-COUNTDOWN Calendar | HERE. 


HOW to:


If you’re new to willowday, aren’t on Instagram, or are just wondering, “Gina, who in the world is Fir Fox?” The answer is he’s turned into a bit of the Flora Animal, book Ambassador, for my upcoming children’s picture book, My ABC Flower Safari which will be released later this month.

As a build up to my children’s A-Z alphabet picture book,  I’ve shared “Fir Fox tales” all summer on Instagram | HERE | where he’s adventured and I hope, encouraged imagination in the everyday world around you. You can find more Flower Safari inspiration, here until I’m able to share the full project, later this month or read about this special exhibit and collaboration  | HERE | . 

My ABC Flower Safari had it’s first seeds when I shared:

These both have templates and tutorials because I want to give you an easy source to find everyday creativity with your own kids I’m a designer and illustrator and raising kids abroad which has opened doors to teaching English — forever— , as well. I can’t think of a time were I haven’t been creating stories, making with my hands, cultivating creativity and passionate about children. Until the release of My ABC Flower Safari, I hope “F is for Fir Fox”” captivates you into the world of imagination right out your front door.



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