DAY 13: The Christmas Countdown: Wreath Ornaments

13 December 2018
Hi Friends. Celebrating DAY 13 with Chiara Milott and her Wreath Ornaments. Passing the 1/2 way mark to Christmas Eve with Chiara who’s a self-described: “butcher, baker, mini-party-hat maker (well, not really a butcher, but…..)  feels so very merry. Let’s go.

Everything that Chiara does delights: from her personal instagram filled with humour and adorable boys  to her etsy shop that is filled with teeny hats is filled with a special quality.
I’ll pass this post over to Chiara  who shares a message in her own words.
Stepping into the Willowday blog in the wintertime makes me want to curl up with a down comforter, a steaming mug of hot chocolate (dark chocolate, please) and watch snowflakes falling through the window. It also makes me feel all the holiday feelings – joy, love, peace – which lead me to this craft project. These sweet miniature wreath ornaments are perfect for gifting or keeping. If you can’t find miniature vintage ornament balls, simply use silver beads, tiny jingle bells, or any other bitsy and bright round thing you can! Wishing you the very most Joy, Love and Peace this year!

Materials needed: 3” grapevine wreath, scissors, school glue, hot glue gun, holly paper punch, fake snow, green and white paper, silver cord, miniature vintage ornaments, cheap paintbrush, alphabet letter stamps and ink pad.

Step 1: Stamp out a word in miniature stamps on 5-inch piece of paper.

Step 2: Cut out the word in a strip and notch just the ends.

Step 3: Punch out several different colored sprigs of holly leaves. Alternatively, if you don’t have a holly punch, you can cut out green leaves. Using hot glue, attach the stems in a few spots around the wreath.

Step 4: Using tiny dabs of hot glue, attach the tags and the miniature ornaments to the wreath.

Step 5: Seven apply a thin layer of glue to the top side of the wreath with a small paintbrush, and shake some fake snow over the top. Attach a metallic thread as a hanger, and you are ready to hang or gift as you please.

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