Projects to make with Traveling Kids

26 February 2019



Do you want to have 5 projects to make with kids that actually make traveling easier or more fun?

Tried and true, then re-invented again: These 5 projects have been repeated and exchanged thought out my children’s childhoods. I think the key is “expectation.” All of these start the conversation, the countdown and manage expectations before travels even begin adding to the expectation of the adventures we’re about to share.


I’ve found that entering the kids thoughts ahead of time and making: Luggage ID tags, Journals, Pencil (or with teens: make up/toiletry bags), and Personalised tees to add a lot of fun to our travels.


    – Before traveling, I would often have the kids draw a travel photo. In this case, the drawing prompt was “airplane.” I’m sure I don’t have to explain but, just in case: find a prompt that’s tied into your travels: a person, a place, weather, an activity, etc.

    – Have the kids create a drawing to 1. final size or draw + 2.  scan + print to size (like I did in this example)

    – Laminate, punch hole + thread the artwork to create a unique luggage tag for their own luggage.

  • Make Travel Journals | STEP – BY-STEP HERE 

    – Using the same idea as with the travel luggage tags, give the kids a travel prompt: location, mode of transporation, event.

    – Make journal with this artworkSEE EXAMPLE with FULL TUTORIAL HERE of ours

  • Make a DAY-BY-DAY Clip Journal

  • I love these for so many reasons.
    The idea is very very simple: a daily journal bound with a ring clasp and a hook so that the kids can hook these to their backpacks.  Get a free printable for one that we made, HERE or create your own, using this concept.
    Our kids were very close in age so I’ve always looked for “same-but-different projects.” An example of how I used these with different ages:Oldest: Wrote a daily journal
    Middle: Drew daily scenes of the day with labels
    Youngest: Drew daily.



From the get go, traveling with kids has been a non-negotiable for my husband and myself.  Our families are spread between different continents, we’re curious about the world and we both look at the world as the “glass is half full” — there is always a way. There are endless tips and tricks that you can do to make traveling easier, smoother and more fun. One of them is that it starts at home: planting the seed. 

Expectation in half  of the fun:  Planning, reading books and having conversation about travel are a part of the experience of travel with kids.  Using these tips for travel continues to be a part of our family tradition. They repeat, get edited and ebb and flow with interests and that’s why I want to get this 5 ideas into your hands, too.


Wishing you a wonderful week whatever it brings.  I get a lot of mails from people who are traveling to Sweden with kids, find a few tips HERE. I like answering these mails and hope you might find a few answers in this posts.

If you’re on INSTAGRAM  for other inspiration there and also share your projects that are inspired by willowday project with me. I just love to see these.

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