Printable Advent Calendar | 2 Variations

30 November 2022

The magic of Christmas is just a print away with this Printable Advent calendar! It’ s like an early holiday gift for you: choose a format that works best for you: 1. A Classic Advent Calendar with Windows  or 2.  A magnetic or puzzle version or 3. Print the 24 Daily Prompts!

Choose the Advent Calendar that’s the best version for you. Use these for a cozy moment at home with your children, share with friends or throw a party at home or in the classroom to make these calendars as a group. Print and give away a thoughtful personalized Advent Calendar, as a gift! 

Create sugar-plum moments that pair perfectly with hot-chocolate cozy moments of childhood bringing this sweet project into your hands. 

Every day, a new window is opened to reveal a new holiday image beneath a reindeer, a snowman, a candy cane and other seasonal imagery to captivate imaginations and spark conversation, connection, and spirit of the season! 

As a parent, child-minder, or teacher, are you looking for ways to deepen the experience of opening a daily Advent Calendar, here are some kid-tested and kid-approved ideas for you.

Willowday Friends, DOWNLOAD HERE

  1. 1. Classic Printable, easy-to-assemble, Advent calendar with 24 windows to open that will reveal 24 Christmas items to delight and set the mood!  | HERE
    • 2. Print as a puzzle, counting game! Magnetic Printable Advent Calender: Printable, super-easy, calendar with 24 puzzle pieces for your kids at home or in the classroom, can use to countdown and assemble daily! | HERE
      3. Print the daily prompts to use with your own Advent Calendar, for your kids to use as a prompt to draw daily or use each daily discovery as a“daily treasure hunt.”


  1. Print both pages of the Canon Printable Advent Calendar (2 page Printable Template above)
  2. – Look for the the window outlines on the front page of the Advent Calendar.
    Using an X-Acto knife, cut along these window outlines 24 times to create 24 windows.
  • – To cut each window: Cut the top and bottom of each window (trace the printed template) 
  • – When cutting the right-hand side of the window, it is important to leave a small area to serve as the clasp that will hold the window into place. This blank area which should remain uncut, is specified as a blank space on the window template. 
  • Do not cut the left-hand side of the window. This line serves as the fold to be used on the date when the window will be opened.
  • – Apply adhesive to the outer edge of the Advent Calendar. 
  • – Line up both pages and adhere to one another.
  • – Press firmly to make sure that the edges have been sealed.
  1. Your Advent Calendar is ready to use: Do not open it until December 1. 
    Willowday Friends, DOWNLOAD HERE

MATERIALS: Foamcore board or similar, ribbon.  | How to: If you’d like to make a sturdy, hanging,  wall version, like above, mount the advent calendar on foam board or similar (Do you have unused, cardboard in your house? Upcycle a same-sized piece of cardboard + mount the Printable Advent Calendar on it. Punch holes, Add ribbon for hanging. Enjoy!) 


I hope this brings you seasonal joy and as always, I love to see what you do with my artwork! Please let me know if you use it: Tag Willowday in Pinterest @willowday #willowday  and also make sure you tag @CanonEMEA #ad #MadeWithPIXMA

Willowday Wishes, 


Brought to you from a collaboration of Canon and Gina Vide’s Willowday 

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