5 ABC Flower Safari Book Craft Ideas for kids

8 April 2019

Reclaim family time and build family culture to read and create together. I completely get it. You don’t have time. You need easy solutions and projects for your kids that really work. Here are 5 fun ABC Flower Safari book projects for kids created by willowday friends to help make this easier! Let’s go. 

Part of the spark behind creating, my ABC Flower Safari  book , was the wish to give adults and kids one easy place to connect and to share creativity. As a parent and a teacher, I have seen how learning ABC’s can be an experience both rich in learning and in playful discovery, too.

Through the use of real flowers and ordinary cardboard to create A-Z flower animals for every letter of the alphabet —-  “F is for Fir Fox, O is for Oxypetal Owl, P is for Peony Pig” — learning and imaginative conversation can come through sharing book time and then creating a craft together. 


 Over the next few months, I’m going to share both book craft ideas of my own and others by friends of willowday, like today.

Scroll below for these tried and true: 5 ABC Flower Safari book Craft Ideas! 

No 1 | ABC Flower Safari book craft:
Organise an”Invitation-to-create” Art “Workshop


Ami from Handmakery  curated an ABC Flower Safari  gallery show and created an event for kid creators inspired by the book in her Aspen studio. I am head over heels with her results. Ami set up the Handmakery studio, with ample images from the book on the walls and table, for children to use cardboard, paper, paint, and flowers to create their very own masterpieces inspired by the artwork from my ABC Flower Safari book   MORE here. 

PS. Note. Through a table set to envoke creativity, Ami shared that the kids choose themselves what they would make inspired by the artwork from the ABC Flower Safari . Paint and cardboard transformed in the young creatives hands to become scenes of,  flower animal monograms, flower animals and name plates. Fabric flower variation work very well when working with a group or don’t have access (or want to bother with) fresh flowers. Plus: these Flower Monograms can be kept to decorate rooms on and on!



The photos and creations by the kids in her studio knocked my sock off. MORE here. 

No 2 | ABC Flower Safari book craft :


Prep: Paper Ears, Dried and pressed flowers, adhesive of choice.

Arielle of ARTCAMP runs fantastic art camps and parties in LA! I was completely charmed by these Pressed Flower Rabbit Ears that she created for her camps as an ABC Flower Safari book craft collaboration.  Arielle creates projects with kids that are always so sweet and magical. They are also kid-tested; making reliable creativity.   Arielle shares how -to-make these at home | HERE AND  You can buy a limited-edition  art kit (US only) | here  

PS. NOTE: Using pressed flowers is another great way to use flowers.  You can dry and press yourselves or buy them in a craft store already pressed and ready to go




No 3. ABC Flower Safari book craft:

Prep: Paper Panda, wooden craft skewer, jonquil, adhesive.

“J is for Jonquil Jaguar” meet your new Panda friends! These darling little Panda Puppets are seasonly perfect. We have many jonquils and I love their spirit!  Thank you, Karen and Freya from Pysselbolaget . I really love this cute Panda Flowers.  Find a full post with book review and tutorial at Pysselbolaget.

PS. Flower note: I also love that Karen and Freya  let fun and imagination be their creative guides in this ABC Flower Safari book-inspired craft and used the flowers that they had available. Although I created the book with flowers and animals that correspond with each letter of the alphabet (Exm: J is for Jonquil Jaguar) :once you’re  ready the book let mini-imaginations spread their wings and create! BUY ABC Flower Safari Book | HERE 



No 4 | ABC Flower Safari book craft:

Peony Pigs for the Chinese New Year

Prep:  ABC Flower Safari Book, Cardboard, Paint, Fabric Flower, google eyes, cutting tools, pencil, adhesive

Such a clever idea for the Chinese New Year. Agnes of Hello Wonderful  was inspired by ABC Flower Safari  to create these “Peony Pigs”  to celebrate the Chinese New Year and the Year of the Pig . Continue to Hello Wonderful for her full  tutorial | or more about this at willowday 


PS. Flower Note: I wanted to note the silk flowers that worked this book craft, creating a craft that can be enjoyed for the full, Chinese New Year celebrations and more. These must have made a fun holiday kid craft. I can also imagine these as table decorations for the kids table! Thank you Agnes for including me in this special day and moment.


No 5 | ABC Flower Safari book craft

Jonquil Jaguar

Prep: Cardboard, cutting tool, pencil, jonquil, vase

Thank you, Natalie from Schaeresteipapier for this fresh ideas for an ABC Flower Safari book-inspired craft! I love thinking of these vases as “Jonquil Jaguar  habitats.”  It must be so much fun to see discover these around the house or to give as a gift! (Gift a friend or teacher their “letter”!)  Find Natalie’s ABC Flower Safari Book review and full tutorial on her blog,  Schaeresteipapier. 

PS. Flower note:I love the idea Natalie help the original coordinated alphabet flower and animal but, almost creates animal-scapes or animal settings by inserting the animal into a bouquet. Clever idea. Special note for German speakers: Natalie translated all of the animals into German. Danke, Natalie BUY ABC Flower Safari Book | HERE 

Thank you for joining me here today. I really enjoy seeing what you do with my tutorials (and these new ABC Flower Safari tutorials created by friends of willowday. Tag me on Instagram  and also use the #ABCFlowersafarifriends tag. I’d love to see a gallery fill with your work!

Willowday Wishes, Gina



PS: Bonus: Download a FREE Dandelion Lion Template | below.