Floral Mother’s Day Card Printable

10 May 2019

Violets symbolise love in “the Language of Flowers ” so using violets to make a card for Mom feels like it’s sprinkling the day with extra love.  If you are a subscriber to willowday, you’ve already received these cards + other Mother’s Day links are already in your in-basket.  

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On a personal note,  violets symbolise both my kids and my Great-Grandmother and Grandmother.  First, is there anything sweeter than a chubby toddler hand extending a fistful of wilting violets and Spring flowers?

Then, I mention my Great-Grandmother because the corner windows of her home were a haze of purple from all of the potted violets she kept.  I’ll admit to having zero interest when adults would rumble about which color of purple they preferred or inquired about her watering-schedule,  when I was a kid; however, I did have BIG interest in what I could find hidden between her potted violets at Christmas time. Between the plants, she would hide her homemade fudge in the paper-thin porcelain candy container. The violet scent comes to me now when I think of fudge at Christmas.

Today is her daughter’s 99th birthday  — my Grandmother and my kids Great-Grandmother. She’s an active 99. We feel so graced by her: with her lively laugh, strong opinions,  meticulous penmanship, piano playing stamina, ability to still harmonise while singing . She’s startling fast + light on her feet — spry as a lark — plays a competitive game of cards and has a green thumb with windows filled with violets.  Could it be that violets are a fountain of youth? Love lives in these petals for me. I wish you a weekend of it for you, too.


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