FREE PRINTABLE, Halloween Countdown Calendar 2019

1 October 2019

Hello October! Hello friends.

Yes, uh hem… moving right past Summer and into the Autumn! I hope you’ve been very very well. I’m thinking about you, willowday friends, and there are a few times of the year that I just have to stop by to say hello. If you’re a willowday follower, I have a gift for you:

This is a rainy day project that I first created with my kids as my youngest was learning to count… I continued using this in classrooms and I get repeat wishes from willowday friends for updates and I’m so happy to get this into your hands. Thank you for your support and for also spreading my work! ART PRINTS + ABC Flower Safari BOOK


FREE PRINTABLE, Halloween Countdown Calendar 2019 below.

  • Get the 2019 Halloween Countdown Calendar HERE


If you have kids, here is  one more printable that I would love to get into your hands: Print these FREE Printable Halloween Paper Dolls out for you, for your kids and parties. 

If you’re looking for more, here are several other willowday ideas you might be interested in:



I look forward to meeting you again soon and wish you a “Willow Day.”

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