Paper Ornaments

10 December 2013

Simple Paper beauty.


Pretty, creative and fun; requiring minimal pick-up,  make-ahead preparation that can be worked on independently.  These have been the perfect holiday project to have on-hand, as we’ve had kids in and out of the house all weekend. I joined in the making, too, by realizing that I could make a large ornament that was inspired by warm memories of a tinsel ornament my Grandmother must have had from the 50’s which she placed in the hall over her “bannister” every Christmas! We’re baking her cookies (here) and adding her touches this Christmas — yes, it’s feeling just lovely here. I hope you have the same feeling in the air!


These make beautiful tree decorations, garland, over-sized decorations or a personalized gift topper. Use heavy card stock in traditional or non-traditional colors — you can even make these with re-cycled boxes or old Christmas cards —- continue below for more photos, variations and full tutorial…


Swedish handicrafts are abundant this time of the year. These paper ornaments can be included in a Scandinavian line up, but, I, too, remember making them as a child in the US. Did you, too, in your area of the world?


Above: 1.  Globe / 2. Flattened Sphere /3.  Tinsel.

Make. Decorate. Create together. You probably already have everything you need for these paper decorations. These beckon: smalls and bigs; bells, glitter, tinsel — whatever you’d like — make them your own and update this classic. I can’t wait to see what you do.

Supplies: Heave Card Stock cut in 2 cm (1/2″) strips, brass paper fasters, hole punch. To make the variations we made: you’ll also need brass bells, gold thread and tinsel.
Getting Started:
– Start by choosing 6 – 9 strips
-Punch holes on both ends of the strip (in the exact same spot)
– Secure both ends with a brass fastener
– Expand to open.
– Attach gold thread to the fastener on top to hang and hand brass bell from a second piece of gold thread to hang inside or below the globe.
Flattened Sphere:
Follow all of the same instructions, except one both ends have been secured with the brass tacks, fold in 1/2 and firmly press this middle marker; proceed as with the original.
To make the Tinsel Decoration, I used paper that was twice as long as usual ( 60 cm long x 2 cm wide (same)). Cut lengths of tinsel in the exact same lengths and attach to the paper strips.  I used a glue gun to secure the tinsel to the paper. If your card stock is not heavy enough, cut lengths of thin wire, the same length as the paper strips, and tape onto the back side of the paper before glueing the tinsel into place. Once the paper strips have been covered with tinsel, proceed as the original. The idea to add the tassel came naturally — it felt like the perfect balance and the overall effect was exactly what I wanted. We’ll enjoy ours over the holidays and had me imagining a New Years with these decorations, too! Would they add a wonderful bling?

Happy Making! I’d love to see what you do with this tutorial, too! See you back here later today.

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