Happy November days

26 November 2019

“Wild is the music of autumnal winds, Amongst the faded woods” —- William Wordsworth 

Hello friends.  When words aren’t enough, a picture can do. Don’t you agree?  These are a few scenes from our past week, a post with DIY NOVEMBER THINGS that I hope you might like and a new floral series

If you’re a long time willowday friend, then you know that we always have a leaf wreath on a table or outside out front door using this technique | here.

I made the above STAR WREATH after a morning spent with friends in the archipelago where we gathered, foraged  and then warmed ourselves with a beautiful lunch and workshop.  I’m going to try very hard to gather a post about that day and how you could make a similar wreath.

I’ve gathered a few of my favorite, simple, wreath ideas in the NOVEMBER THINGS post which I hope might be helpful. We’re standing with one foot in the gratitude of November and another ready to step into December. Until we make it through our (delayed ex-pat) Thanksgiving celebrations this weekend, I’m going to wait with holiday decorating — but, decorating, we will! What about you?

My family and I wish you all of the wonder of a season.  I’ll return soon with holiday fun!


Do you have kids or need a kids table idea, I return to these three again and again: LEAF FAIRIES with FREE PRINTABLE | HERE | make PAPER LEAVES | or a simple RECYCLED Woven BRACELETS  

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I  have an ETSY shop, too,  called willowdayshop. Do you know Etsy? It’s one of my favorite gift giving resources and I love the feeling of selling my original PRINTS and ABC FLOWER SAFARI BOOK in a this creative community that supports other small business owners, artists and creatives.  | HERE   

PS. If you are looking for a print you’ve seen in my Instagram,  like to commission an original work of art or have something personalised, I’m so happy to help. Please just drop me a line at willowtweet (at) gmail (dot) com.