3 Easter Projects for you

30 March 2020

Hello Friends! I am thinking of you. I am wondering about you. How are you doing and are you finding things to do with your kids during these chaotic times? I hope you find archived projects here + here.

In my willowday Instagram feed | here , I’ve been asking: what can I do to help you?  

Willowday friends on Instagram responded overwhelming with:

I’m working hard to create a few ideas that I hope will help!

I can’t share this yet but, the first project for you is almost complete! I’m working with a crafting friend and will be back very very soon with a special gift just for you.

With Easter preparations as a great place for creative distraction and connection, I wanted to say hello! I’m currently preparing ingredients us to dye eggs.  Are you doing the same? Until then, here are a few household favourites your you.



MAKE Marzipan Surprise Eggs.

These Marzipan surprise eggs take concentration but, are truly rewarding and are incredibly special.  | click HERE to MAKE THESE 



Make Bunny Basket Pillows!

click HERE to make BUNNY BASKET PILLOWS | You will find a step-by-step tutorial and pattern!


I sew. I occasional knit. These projects take me time, space and I typically string them out over spans of time. While we’re on quarantine, my daughter’s gotten our sewing machine out and has found (an embarrassingly large amount) my fabric supply. I have everything from silk to a cherished length of Missoni to craft felt. I can’t wait to see what she makes! With a little luck, I’ll share my current seasonal sewing project with you here in the month of April. (I don’t mind if you remind me!)



Make Cork Bunnies

click HERE to make CORK BUNNIES 

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