3 Printable Leaf Art projects for kids

2 November 2018

Playful creating made easy! Let’s Leaf-a-paloosa!  Print + go: 3 Printable Leaf Art projects for kids in one post.

Continue below to print out each project. 

Over the last week, I’ve hosted a Montessori challenge on Instagram and it’s been such fun.  I decided to make a special pre-school + elementary school post inspired by the week.  If there’s one thing I hear parents say repeatedly, it’s that they’re looking for ways to be creative with kids but, don’t have the time or know where to start. These 3 of these Leaf based printable solve both problems in one sweep and could keep kids imaginations whirling throughout the season. 


Let’s start:


I originally created this printable for a Fairy Party and for an art camp but they’re perfect for rainy day creativity, too. Leaf Fairies are something I remember making as a kid. Later sharing time with my 3 littles. I loved taking fall walks where the kids and I stuffed our pockets with jewel coloured leaves and then, came home for apple cider and a shared moment of creativity making leaf puppets,

For the Fairy Party and Art Camp, I printed the templates and used them to create cupcake toppers and garland before the kids arrived. I also prepared invitations-to-create Leaf Fairies for each of the kids to assemble their own Leaf Fairy Wands to to play with and to take home.


Above Left: Complete Leaf Fairy Right top: Leaf Faries + Leaf Masks (printable for masks | HERE|  Bottom Right: Pre-arranged invitation to create with leaves, stick and printable illustrated + blank templates.



Above: Invitation to doodle, collage or paint directly onto this printable book. Right Above: see samples of the printable interior. Just Print. Cut to assemble. Doodle. And, then, do it again!





ABOVE: PRINT + color (or paint) by number

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