10 Fun Ornaments for Kids to Make

6 December 2020






10 Fun Ornaments for Kids to Make

Between Contributors to The 6th Annual  Creative Collective Calendar, I wanted to create a simple single BONUS post with 10 ideas for you to make with your kids.

Parents often tell me that they love to get creative with their kids but, don’t know where to start . By putting ten great ideas in one place, I hope to make this easy for you!

Choose one or choose 10 of these ornaments to make with your kids this season to add to your tree or your house. (These snowmen work as perfect “shelf elf” in my house.  The materials range from recycled objects you may already have at home and to easy-access-craft supplies that you can pick up at your local store.

Join willowday and friends to find 10 fun ornaments to make with your kids today!


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Lets get creative with TEN Fun Ornaments to make with kids

1. Pom Pom Ornaments 
with Amanda from Project Kid

2. Gum Ball Ornament | HERE

with Karin from KreativaKarin

3, Felted Wool Ornaments | HERE
with Marie from Muskotdesign

4. Ping Ping Snowmen (Light)
from willowday 

5 Ping Pong Lucia (light)
from willowday


5 Fun Ornaments for Kids to Make |HERE 

If you use any of these tutorials, be sure to tag me on Instagram or share on Facebook. I love to see how you use these!.

Willowday Wishes,

Gina and friends

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