Botanical Anthology Magazine contribution

27 September 2022

Botanical Anthology

I’m thrilled to announce the second edition of Botanical Anthology Magazine and a wonderful collaboration. “Botanical Anthology is a plant-centered, seasonal digital publication with over 45 articles from 30 contributors.

Join me:

It’s a joy to join this team of contributors and 155 pages of plant magic to guide your autumn season:
Forage autumn olive.  Save milkweed seeds.  Study turkey tails and go on a mushroom hunt.  Tincture apple + black walnut bitters.  Steep grief support chai. Learn apple + thyme lore.  Dye with sunflower seeds.  Master drawing echinacea.  Bake pumpkin + thyme crackers.  Make spiced elderberry syrup + immune boosting oxymel.  Sip molasses moon milk. Learn about Mabon and Samhain.

Join me:

    • 1. Learn how to draw Echinaecha from a botanical and herbal perspective
      • 2. Cut, color and embellish your own FLOWER FAIRY using TEMPLATES just for you. 

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  • Through tomorrow, September 28th, it includes the Cinnamon Bonus Booklet.

Cinnamon. A common household spice. Yet it is steeped in history and evokes nostalgia and passion. Dive into cinnamon as we settle into the cozy season ahead.

With a reverence for autumn and the plants associated with it, the Botanical Anthology is a plant lovers dream.  It is a seasonal, plant centered digital magazine bringing you over 45 articles from 30 contributors to incorporate herbs in your apothecary, kitchen, harvests, crafts, and autumn celebrations. All for $20.  And through tomorrow, September 28th, it includes the Cinnamon Bonus Booklet.

Take a peek at the Cinnamon Booklet’s contents!  

*Cinnamon Mini Monograph

*Cinnamon Tooth Powder

*Cinnamon Star Bath Wand

*Aphrodite’s Cinnamon Massage Oil

*Cinnamon Bliss Simmer Pot

*Cinnamon-Infused Natural Cleaning Spray

*Cinnamon Dye

*Apple Cinnamon Hazelnut Shortbread Cookies

*GF Cinnamon Roll Cake

*Cinnamon Apple Chips

*Mulled Cider

*Cinnamon-Infused Whiskey

As a thank you for being here with me, enjoy $2 off the publication with this code, which also expires tomorrow: Take$2BAAutumn

After tomorrow, the Cinnamon Bonus Booklet disappears and the price increases to $25.