ICE ART #1 Ice Decorations

3 December 2011


Missing decorations after the holidays? These are so pretty and so much fun to make. I love to make these in the winter with the kids. Send the kids to do outside on a scavenger hunt for beautiful foliage, branches, pine cones — let them use their imagination to find beautiful things from nature. Once they’ve gathered supplies and are inside, this is easy to complete when you have time. I wish our temperatures, in Stockholm, were cold enough right now to decorate our front windows! We moved to a house 2 years ago and have had these as our winter, front window, decoration; no luck so far this year. If you live in a northern climate,  I hope Jack Frost is giving you more of an opportunity. Enjoy!
1) Gather supplies 
(Have the kids think about finding things that are no bigger than their feet)
2) Arrange branches in tin container (Arrange these as evenly as possible and don’t over do it), Cut ribbon, loop and leave a generous amount of the ribbon end in the tray. 
Note: I like to use wide ribbon so that you have more contact space and better grip. If you would like, bring the ribbon all of the way down through the pan and leave the bottom fringes hanging on the bottom of the pan.  (see diagram 2)
3) Fill pan with water, do not fill too deep; no more than 2 inches max. Carefully place arrangement in freezer with attention to the ribbon looped on top. Freeze.
4) Once frozen solid, hang, outside!
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