Secret Agent Birthday Party

28 March 2012

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It’s birthday time! Oh, how I love bringing today’s post to you. This is the first children’s birthday party I am able to share here and through this, I feel like it keeps our “Secret Agent Birthday Party” going! Thank you for coming by and sharing in the fun. You are welcome to peruse a few scenes from the day and, if you are interested, I’ve shared a few notes from the day below. Don’t you think that the planning is as important as the day?

Secret Ageny THREE

Secret Ageny PhotoSECOND

Our daughter, Francesca’s birthdays have always been laced in pink and wintery themes (click here). This year, we had a belated celebration. Francesca and her brothers decided to plan an adventure: a “Secret Agent Spy Party. ” As they spread the word to their friends to come dressed in “spy wear” and planned spy games, I planned a few surprises for them. Invitations, thank you cards, party and baked goods, plus games were all incorporated her Secret Agent Spy Theme. It was a ball.


Preparation: These Secret Agent invitations, illustrated to our daughter’s specifications, set the tone for our guests. All party goods, decorations, give aways (click here), and food were coordinated. As guests arrived, they were greeted with balloons and a red “laser” (yarn) that they were to follow up our front house. Once to the door, the real red laser labyrinth (click here) awaited. Trial runs were encouraged, as we waited for all of the guests to arrive.


Games: Many tests of agility and strategy for both teams and individuals were carried out in the laser labyrinth games, which ended with a game of de-coding gold nuggets which led them to a location where they could find “the jewels.” (Jewel candy rings.) We returned to outdoor classics: treasure hunts, variations on hide-and-seek, and the “cotton-ball on spoon relay races” (replacing the cotton ball with a golden nugget,)

Food and Party: All decorations were tied with tags, using the same illustration from the invitation. Napkins were tied in a spy sack fashion and contained poppers. (A Secret Agent always needs to be ready to create a distraction, don’t they?) Since this was an afternoon party, in addition to color coordinated cupcakes, we had Swirl ice box cookies (These icebox cookies have been a tradition since our first born’s first birthday. I make them for every child’s birthday, incorporating the theme color of the party), popcorn, and sandwiches with fresh fruit. Two large glass vases were set up on the table, with color coordinated candy blends, so that the children could make their own take-home candy bag mix. These served a pretty color splashes.


Take Home Gifts: In addition to the color-coordinated, mix-yourself-candy bags, all guests received a 1) miniature “Secret Agent” locked diary with 2) Magic Dart Pencils, (click here)which were wrapped together with the party theme tags.

Thank You Notes: I learned long ago to play secretary during gift opening and noted the thoughtful presents, as they were unwrapped. Both my daughter and I, now, are savoring the good times by writing a few Thank You Notes, each night, this week. Thank you friends for helping make such a special day.