Mother’s Day Nesting Bowls for kids to make

10 May 2017

Kids — even little kids — can make Mom a special Mother’s Day Nesting Bowl.

Let your little kids (or big kids) dig their hands into clay to make these simple yet special, Mother’s Day Nesting Bowls

Flower Face MAINb



To start making your Mother’s Day Nesting Bowls …

This is super simple.


  • Hobby Clay
  • Hobby Paint

To Make:

  • Squeeze a small ball of clay in the palm of a hand and flatten into a flat coin shape.
  • Once this circular shape has been created, press up the edges.
  • If you want a flower, make the flower to be added to the edge of the bowl and delicately press this onto the edge.
  • Let dry.
  • Once dry, add features with paint.
  • Let dry and share this little keeper of treasures with your Mom.


Flower Face how to

These examples are very raw and I wanted to share these to show how cute they can be, even if the bowls are slightly imperfect and made is a short time frame. Sometimes we just do not have a lot of time and I think people can shy away from clay for fear of time. However, these are very simple and the process is quite quick.

For Perfectionists or those looking for a more refined nesting bowl:

  • Water is the friend of clay.
  • Keep a small bowl nearby and simply keep the clay damp by dipping your fingers into the water to smooth edges and keep the bowls smooth.
  • If a smooth surface is what you’re looking for, there is one more thing you can do, as well.
  • Once the nesting bowls have dried, use a fine grain sand paper to buff the surface before painting!

Flower Face MAINc

Like the Flower Face Vases, these are very addicting and hard to keep to just one. I wanted to share this simple project for Mom with you and would love to see what you do with these, too!

After the Flower Face Vases, I heard from a Mother of a two year old who longed for the day that she could make projects like this with her kids. These are definitely a side-by-side project you could make together with children very young, as long as you assist (and keep clay out of mouths.)

When making a project like this with very young kids, starting with letting your child squeeze a walnut sized piece of clay and turn this into a ball.  Just creating the ball will be a feat.

Once you have a ball, then, patty cake this flat.

Children have such different young small motor skills but, a face can be so very very simple: two eyes and an edge of hair. It can be wondrous to see what your child sees at this age — even if it looks abstract.

Flower Face MAINBig and small

You maybe noticed another Flower Face Vase, above? I wanted to share a picture with both today’s nesting bowls as well as the Flower Face Vasesas a way to encourage side-by-side creating for all ages.

Big and small creating does not mean that it has to be created by an adult and a child; this can also mean an older child and a smaller child. I really love working with the same materials and same theme but, adjusting it appropriately to accommodate ages.

Maybe you have noticed the monotone colours, as well. Holding to one color is also a fun challenge but a harmonising aesthetic. Wouldn’t you love to have a small collection of nesting bowls from all of your children? The use of a single color will work to harmonise their work and to create a small grouping of masterpieces that will work well together.  I would love to see these if you make them at any age.  You can share them with me on INSTAGRAM  or  FACEBOOK and use the hasttag: #willowdayproject

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