“Oscarsteatern:” A tale of Tutus and friendship

9 October 2012
… a Monday less than ordinary:
Last night, we fell asleep with visions of swans dancing in our heads. Have you seen the ballet, Swan Lake, with your children? It’s classic costuming is the kind that will swim into your dreams. What an extraordinary start to our week.
In the good company of 18 teeny ballerinas,  our daughter and myself,  joined a Mother- Daughter group, of 30 guests, at Oscarssteatern (Oscar’s Theater), last night, to watch the Moscow Crown Ballet in a performance of Swan Lake.  We’re swooning: what a great way to start the week and a wonderful night to share as Mothers and Daughters; old and new friends.
Classic venues, such as “Oscarsteatern,”attract world class performers and are one of the things I love about Stockholm. Oscarsteatern is a 106 year old theater in downtown Stockholm with a wide variety of shows, year around. This city is so easy to get around in that it often feels more like a town than a city.

As an American living in Europe, places and architecture like this, as well as the old cobble stone streets we walked to get there, are everyday details that remind me that living here is unique. I pinch myself thinking of the different perspective our children, born here, will have, than myself.

My friend, Leslie, carefully planned and gathered our troupe for a lovely night that began with a VIP dinner in the Oscar’s VIP dining room. The girl’s eyes and conversations danced with friendship and expectation; after all, it isn’t an ordinary Monday where one is alone with Mom, festively coiffed, clad to dine in a room of gilded gold and crystal;  up past normal bedtimes to see classically clad ballerinas perform such an accessible ballet.  If you’ve never taken your children to a ballet, Swan Lake, is a great introduction.
Listening to Peter Tjajkovskij’s Swan Lake score ahead of time is a great way to prepare mini theater goers, too.
Above and beyond the ballet and venue, was the spirit of such a mother-daughter night. We’d love to be included in this group again! Do you take the time to do individual activities with your children? It can be difficult to strategize, but I find having this one on one time is a treasure.  Whether it’s dreams, friendship or events, we wish you an extraordinary start to your week, too.
PS: Thank you, Leslie, for making the night happen!  Leslie, reminded me that her twins, Astrid and Lillian, along with our daughter, F, took their very first ballet class together at friend Alexia’s house when the girls were just 2 1/2.
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