The 6th ANNUAL Creative Collective Advent Calendar weekly round up | Days 1 – 7

7 December 2020

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Hi friends. Have you been tuning in for The 6th ANNUAL Creative Collective Advent Calendar?

Today, I’m rounding up, week one | Days 1 – 7.

I feel like I’m hearing and seeing more people than ever before, who are pulling out their holiday decorations earlier than usual and working creatively to make their homes seasonally cozy. I’m so happy to spread the creativity and festivity instilled in this project 

It’s been a fun and full week as the 6th ANNUAL Creative Collective Advent Calendar has begun. I post every participant’s project daily, in my Instagram feed, and experience an anticipation, daily, as I await to receive each new project that I then get to share with you.

 If you’re unfamiliar with The Creative Collective Advent Calendar, it’s a project that started 6 years ago with an idea to spread seasonal creativity in the spirit of generosity. As we’re in it’s 6th year, I think I’m going to officially call it annual. I  host this daily collaboration with 25 creatives from around the globe, who post a holiday project daily with the calender. I also like the idea that you get a new project daily but, also the chance to meet another creative or to travel to another area of the planet to meet someone new.  These projects range from recipes to DIY to crafts and more.  I know that not all of you are on Instagram (like many in my family)  and I promised to bring you a weekly round up here, too. Here we go!


Continue below for links of each of the post in, The 6th ANNUAL Creative Collective Advent Calendar,  weekly round up | Days 1 – 7

The 6th ANNUAL Creative Collective Advent Calendar weekly round up | Days 1 – 7

Top Row:

Welcome to The Creative Collective Advent Calendar, POST HERE 

As seen on Instagram (@willowdaygram) | HERE

Day 2 @silverodlan1 |  Tricks for decorating Gingerbread

Row 2

Day 3 @pysselbolaget | Christmas Ornaments with recycled materials 

Gina Vide | willowday | Flora and Fauna December Artwork  (for current prints available: HERE*)

Day 4 @what_eva_wants | Ginger bread recipe


Row 3

ABC Flower Safari Book and ABC Flower Safari Poster | HERE 

Day 5 @idaluaga | Sourbread idea with lingon 

Willowday Day Winter’s Night Print (animated) | Available as card | HERE


Row 4

Lucia Ornament from 10 Ornaments to make with KIDS POST | HERE

Day 6 @artcampla | Winter Woods Shadow boxes 

Day 7 @craftandcreativity | Dusted Pinecone Wreaths 


Other posts this past week:



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