Cotton Candy Ghosts

15 October 2012



Are you in the mood for Halloween parties? We are and the kids can’t believe their luck: Mommy has a “big idea…”  and, this big idea involves Cotton Candy on a weekend — a weekday.


OK. I will admit that having kids is a fantastic way to make exceptions to rules! Whole foods move over for an hour, it’s time to roll our sleeves up and make Cotton Candy Ghosts — and we did. Today, I’m so happy to share our successful little experiment that we will be including in Halloween celebrations ahead. We had so much fun making these with our own little hands, we hope you do, too.
These are perfect treats on their own. They’re also adorable topping cup cakes. How would you use them? I’d love to see what you do, too. Thank you so much for finding me here at willowday and sharing what we make in our little kitchen with you!
Continue below for the full tutorial: “boo-low” ….
This is how you make these:Start: Gather supplies.

– Cotton Candy
– Large Marshmallows, cut in quarters
– Chocolate in piping tube (or with paint brush, if preferable)
– Wooden Skewers (or “Pop” sticks; available at craft stores)
– Optional: If making these for cupcake toppers, chocolate cupcake recipe (click here)
Cut large marshmallow in quarters.
Place marshmallow quarter on top of the skewer.
Working quickly, so that the marshmallow remains sticky, delicately take one handful of cotton candy.
Very carefully, pull and stretch this piece of cotton candy into a circular disk — pulling from the center and avoiding the edges. Place the disk on a work surface and center the skewered marshmallow into the middle of the cotton candy disk. Note: be very, very careful to not over handle the edges of the cotton candy. If over handled, the candy looses it loose and flossy edge, which is optimal for these ghosts.
Gently, turn the cotton candy disk over, cupping your hard around the center of the “ghost” to secure it tightly to the marshmallow skewer. This step is important to attach the cotton candy to the marshmallow and to create the correct ghostly form. Gently pull the edges to create a full ghost.
Last: apply melted chocolate face to the ghost.
Note: we tried two methods. We preferred piping the face onto the cotton candy, but if you prefer to use a paint brush to paint the face on, this is another technique that works well. too. 
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