Easiest Leaf Wreath (ever)

10 November 2012

Hands down: the Easiest Leaf Wreath (ever). This beautiful but simple wreath can be made in a snap or as a project, with kids.



I think you might even thank me for sharing these easiest leaf wreaths because for me:

  • these are the ultimate leaf-busy-projects you can make with your kids.
  • If you’re looking for a project that’s just for you, these are like yoga for the mind: one leaf at a time
  • This simple technique crates the most impressive Autumn Entryway decorations you can make.

The first time a saw a leaf swag like this was as I visited my chic-French tutor’s house. Her house was always filled with loving details and I was just mesmerized by this one, simple, 1/2 finished wreath. So simple, so pretty but more: I could see the mother-daughter time shared, walks taken, beauty created which made it dazzle. I am sure that I was distracted during my lesson, I could hardly wait for the kids to arrive home and for us to do the same.

  • 1. Using a wire clipper, smooth the wire hanger.
  • 2. Once it is smooth, begin by adding leaves.
    3. Press the wire through the center of each leaf; adding leaves until the wreath is full.
  • HOW TO make your own “Easiest Leaf Wreath:”
  • 1.  Gather leaves.
  • 2. Prepare the wire: Prepare a wire hanger by rounding it into a wreath shape. Use the flat part of a wire clipper to flatten out the bumpy area of the wire and to smooth it into a circle.If you would prefer to use a thick, plain, wire, this works very well, too. If using a coat hanger, you can opt to leave the “hanger” on so that you can hang the wreath from it or flatten this hanging area, as well and string a ribbon through the wreath to hang.
  • 3. Add leaves: Once you have prepared the wire, begin by pressing leaves onto the wire. Center each leaf on the wire and continue and until it is filled. This is deceiving: it takes many more leaves than one expect. I haven’t taken count, but it took at least 3 long walks. It is important to push the leaves on the wire when they are still moist. If you let the leaves dry, they are too fragile and also don’t contour to the leaves around them; making a less harmonious shape. If you don’t have enough leaves, this is OK. String the leaves that you do have so that they dry in the correct form and add more leaves when you have time. As I mentioned, the first wreath that I saw in progress was only 1/2 way finished and (I thought it was) just as beautiful as a full, traditional, wreath. Once you are satisfied with the shape, using the wire cutters, twist the wire to close the circle.
  • 4. Hang: If you’ve left the hanger in it’s original form, proceed and hang. If you’ve made one, round, circular wreath, thread a ribbon through the center of the wreath, doubling up the ribbon and a fix where you’d like.Something you’d like:Did you know that I have a willowday shop  ? VISIT my shop here, on the blog  

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