Happy Weekend: “Julgransplundering” in Sweden.

11 January 2013
Wishing you a wonderful weekend! Are you a keeper of New Year’s Resolutions? Do you feel like the New Year is well on it’s way?  Has your pace picked up again, after the holidays? Do you have January traditions that you celebrate in your area of the world or within your family? I’d love to hear from you.
For all of it’s modernity, traditions are kept in Sweden.  Here, January 13 brings “julgransplundering;” which means that it’s time to label ornaments and take down the Christmas tree. Most schools have had their Christmas holidays up until this past Monday or Tuesday; traffic is still kindly flowing at a holiday tempo and people have been trickling back home after travels. This weekend, I’ve seen plentiful notices about “julgransplundering” at local organizations, offices and churches. This means children will be invited to mark this occasion by gathering to dance and sing traditional Christmas songs around the tree and end up with Santa arriving with a last Christmas goody bag!
As we say good-bye to the holidays, I wish you again a year filled with joy, merriment and brightness! I look forward to meeting you back here next week.
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