Swedish Skiing: Romme in Dalarna

5 March 2013

In contrast to yesterday’s Spring flowers, today, let’s talk: Spring skiing.

It’s quite common that I’m asked, when abroad, “how’s the skiing in the Alps?”(I do love the Alps ,too, however: (click here) Where do you think this confusion comes from? Is it the S-W-beginnings? Swe; Swi… If you’re Swedish or living here, has this hap /2012/01/holiday-family-skiing-in-alps-vs pened to you, too?



Although Sweden and Switzerland’s mountains don’t resemble; they do both have skiing. In fact, in just a 2 1/2 hour drive out of Stockholm, there’s a little ski resort called Romme in the middle of sweet Dalarna. It’s a great weekend get away for a family. If your image of Sweden is little red houses and red, wood, toy horses, then no place says this more than Dalarna.
The drive there is speckled with scenes like this.  This giant “Dalahast” was taken from our car window passing through a little town — it wasn’t the last toy horse, either.


Romme’s a stress-free destination. It’s hills and lodging make an easy weekend of family skiing. You can ski right from the lodge and it has everything from restaurants to ski rental. It’s very family oriented but, at the same time, has nooks you can sneak off to, if you’d like to avoid the crowds.  They’ve recently opened 6 new runs and the snow has been great every time we’ve visited. I’ve found the service to be very helpful and the staff exceptionally friendly. Is Dalarna known for this, too?


We were introduced to Romme by family friends whose children are on one (of many) ski teams in the Stockholm area. I’ve heard now that the greater Stockholm area has the most ski teams per capitata in the country. In discussion with a coach, it came up that this may be credited to the fact that Swedish parents grew up with the Swedish skier, Ingemar Stenmark,bringing home Olympic golds during their childhoods.  Although we didn’t grow up here,  my husband and I really enjoy the accessibility to local skiing;  the kids have grown up on skis.  For more information on Romme Alpine (click here.)

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