Happy Belated President’s Day

6 March 2013

I’m scrambling but I’m just not going to get you the post I wanted to today! However, I ‘m going to slip in a quick post between dinner and gymnastics drop-off to say that we’re holding on to President’s Day.

For a myriad of reasons, I don’t like to miss any US, Swedish or French holiday that passes. I love a party. I love decorating, love getting dressed up, love talking history and love passing on traditions to our children … We’ve been driving back and forth to school, all week, crooning: (well, a few of us have been … crooning … if I’m honest.)  “This land of your land… this land is my land… California to the” “from sea tp shining sea… etc” going through my CD’s of American classics. Since the kid’s don’t learn these in school, the car is perfect for this.

I ran across this adorable video today at Thehousethatlars built and HAD to share it with you, too! It’s so perfect for the week, I can relate to it on every level. Do you, too? On another level, it’s almost an “I love you, Mom!” Is this the kind of house you grew up in? For me, it’s no wonder that I love the things that I do, when I think of my own Mother. I wonder if you can, too?
Do you do anything for this holiday? Besides the things I’ve mentioned… I simply found it to be a good excuse to eat cherries and talk about George.  I’ll see you back here tomorrow! Happy President’s Week! Do you love this, too?! Thank you, Brittany! 
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