St. Patrick’s Day Pots of Gold

9 March 2013

Gift Wrap #26: Pot’s o’ Gold and Rainbow
Surprise some one special. Make your own rainbow treasure hunt for a pot of gold! It doesn’t have to be St. Patrick’s Day —  these are perfect for any day you’d like to “give” a rainbow!

As I’ve made a run-through with this project this week, our house looks like it’s been “Leprechaun-ed!” I had to work on this when the kids were out of the house and I can hardly wait to surprise the kids next week!


If you want to make a St. Patrick’s Day Treasure Hunt for a Pot of Gold, make your ribbons extra long and string them all over the house!


Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? It is not celebrated in Sweden but, you’ll find pots of gold and rainbows in our house! It doesn’t have to be a holiday for these gift wraps, either. Just cut the ribbons short and you an easy gift wrap. Wouldn’t these bright anyone’s day?


Continue below to learn how these were made! They’re incredibly simple for something that spreads such magic! You you want to try, too? Just continue below.


Gold Paper Cups
Ribbon in Rainbow Colors
Golden Surprise (see what I made below)
My Golden Surprise
Gold Fabric
Golden Coins
Gold Ribbon
I wrapped real golden coins wrapped in gold fabric and tied it with a gold ribbon. In Sweden, there is a gold colored coin (10 kronor) and this is what I used but, you could substitute gold-foiled chocolates, gold play coins or what every you’d like!)
Trim off edge. Make cut line. Mark the quarters. Mark curve.
Cut curve. Wrap Coins. Fold down edges. Image of closed box.

Cut the rim off of the top of the paper cup. Using a pencil, mark depth you would like to cut to. This measurement will be top, fold of the final package. For this version, I measured 1 inch (about 2/12 cm). You will make 4 incisions from the top to this line. To do so, with a small tick, using your pencil to mark the quarters of the top of the cup.  Make the 4 parallel and equal incisions. Round the left side of each of these 4 flaps. (optional: If you have a circle template, you may use it to indicate the angles that you will cut.) Fill your box. The rainbow ribbon can be added for colorful effect OR you can use a very, very long length and weave it around your house like a treasure hunt —- leading the following to the final “pot of gold” package. To make this long ribbon topper, cut equal rainbow colored lengths of ribbon and knot them all at the very end. Place the knot inside the package. It will be under the flaps but, above any enclosures. Close the 4 taps, one at a time, sliding the last tab under the first to secure the top and allowing the ribbon to stream out of the middle. Label if desired. If you are using this as a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, treasure hunt, then wind the ribbon around the house. I will have some pots of gold hidden and some dangling in mid-air.  Fill the air with magic!

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