DIY Mother’s Day Monogram Journals

4 May 2015

I’m sharing a Mother’s Day Gift today: DIY Mother’s Day Monogram Journals.

With one week to go, I wanted to make sure you had time to create something special because I think that there’s something extra special about the act of using your own hands to create; using your own imagination and creating a personalised gift for Mom. These Monogram journals can hold a love story for Mom.

Hop down below with us to learn how …


In the one that we’re sharing, we’ve used vintage Swedish wallpaper that I picked up on my trip to southern Sweden a few weeks ago; but, there are one hundred things you could use instead: traditional card stock, photos, artwork, decorative paper, paintings, etc — make your own love story to M-O-M, continue inside or leave them blank for Mom to fill.24-1

From the moment I saw this wild flower wall paper (here,) I thought of my own mother and one special but, unusual, Mother’s Day surrounded by flowers.

One year (and the only year) we celebrated Mother’s Day with a picnic next to a field filled with flowers and prairie grass rather than our usual formal Mother’s Day brunch with extended family. That unique day made such an impression for all of it’s simplicity.

I remember snapping one of my first favorite photos of my beautiful mother with a flower tucked behind her ear on that day.  (This was before iPhones + even digital. Shooting a picture was an occasion.) We still have the photo. Every time I see this teeny, faded, photo that I had proudly cut out like a heart to fit into the boldly contrasting mod-plastic-heart-shaped-frame, it makes me smile. I smile for my inner kid. I smile for now  — the kids I now have and the wonderful Grandmother my Mom now has become. That happy faded photo is coloured with memories and futures.

So, for me: using this paper from now; bound with thoughts of then; made with my daughter’s hands seemed to me a wonderful way to celebrate my amazing mother. For you, do it in a way that makes you happy: maybe it’s a photo; a painting from your kids: a recycled project or straight art — use this guide to make Moms around the world: Mother’s Day Monogram Journals!

Let’s get started:



– Cover Stock (This can be wallpaper, like we used or card stock or similar heavy paper)

– Cutting tool (My Xacto knife has gone missing since we’ve returned from our vacation and we used a scissors!)

– Ruler or straight edge

– Pencil

– Double-sided tape

– One thin, small, paper covered, paper journal


How to:

– Start by marking your “M” onto the journal with a straight edge and an erasable pencil.

– To create this. Find the center of your book, then mark a “v” on top and an “M” on the bottom.


– Cut through the book and cover completely. following your markings.



DIY Mother’s Day Monogram Journals is ready for gift giving.

If you are covering a book, like we did:

– Start by measuring the cover. The cover (we used wallpaper) needs to be the same size as an open journal with about 1/4 ” or 1 cm extra on each end.

– Cover the book with double sided tape: including both inside flaps and press.


I hope you have fun personalising your gift giving! I’d love to see what you do!

Willowday wishes.





Our #theMacaroniChallenge ends tomorrow on May 3rd, 2015. We’ve loved seeing your projects and have such a great prize. It’s not too late, if you haven’t shared a project. Click here for details.

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