Surprise Birthday Party

19 April 2013

Ok. What’s not to love about a party? I love everything about them. Are you the same?


Throwing a surprise party is well worth the efforts! Since our daughter’s birthday is in December, we’re almost always traveling on her date. The great part about this is that despite the fact we live across of the ocean from our families, she’s been able to celebrate almost all of her birthdays with family. Once, we’ve returned, we have her friends party and these dates vary every year.   This year, I thought I could use this to my advantage and planned a surprise party for her friends (I let her plan her Winter Secret Agent Party  (click here)  #2; while, in the meantime,  I was working on this surprise. ) A few weeks ago: we did it! Friends were invited one week ahead of time, since I thought keeping this fun was big mission. From the moment friends gathered before her designated arrival it was special. Francesca’s genuine surprise and happy emotions set the stage for one happy afternoon! I’m so impressed with her friends who kept this secret and enjoyed their enthusiasm, too! (There just might be a few more surprise parties this year,now,  if I’m hearing correctly!)



What says surprise like a piñata? I had so much fun working out a piñata theme from minis for the invitations and thank you notes,  to over sized piñata party decor ; all the way through to the piñata cake.  After the shocking surprise of friends, Francesa had to break a giant flat letter-F pinata to get the party started.I created this Flat Piñata (click here) with a technique that kept the letter intact and she now has this as a room decoration, too!



Food:The guest all made their own pizzas. I had prepared the crusts ahead of time and bought a “gazzlion” different topping for them to choose from. Every one knew exactly what they wanted and we didn’t have one slice left to nibble on, after our guests left. I worked on many Piñata Cake variations all week. I was so worried that the kids would open the wrong cupboard to find hidden cake parts or cakes; or  that they’d become suspicious about receiving cake on weekdays! It’s definitely out of the norm in our house.  The cake needed to be: 1. pretty, 2.  break and fling like a pinata, 3. stay appealing after it broke and 4. lack fuss to reassemble. Mission accomplished, I’ll share how-to make this soon. (click here).Yes, there were other treats, including fruit, but the other baked good was surprise cookieswhich are plain on the outside but filled with surprises in the middle and again, not one crumb left for midnight snacking.
Activity and Gift:We had very uncooperative weather for our chosen date: too icy for sledding, too wet for ice skating and too muddy, icy and sleety for enjoying much time on the lawn. Since Francesca had repeatedly hinted that she would love to have a Spy Party II, (and I agree: labyrinths are fun ) I made sure that there was sleuthing involved. I asked all of the parents to mail me a photo of their child and to, also, relay a funny or unique story about their child, as a baby. I used the stories and photos to create an activity/hunt that ended with the girls having to guess whose baby photo was whose. It was such a hit! Guests were all sent home with color coordinated kid spa kits that included golden nail polish and gold decals and, then, of course candy. 
Cultural Note: Yes, it’s true: a typical Swedish or French children’s birthday party is simple. I try to respect this by having parties at home but, simply can not stop myself from having fun with the details and activities. I’ve almost considered the lack of party supplies to be fun challenge and always get the kids to be involved, as well — except when planning a surprise!)
I need to push send and go! I promise, I’ll return soon with how-to details for you with both the cards and the cake. It’s carnival, in the kid’s classrooms, at school today and the kids are beginning their Easter Break! I would like to wish you a happy weekend!! The crescendo of the week makes a Piñata Party finale feel just right! Happy Weekend wishes!
As always, I love to hear from you. Have you thrown a surprise party before? Do you like to be surprised yourself? Would you throw a child a surprise party? Wishing you happy days.
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