Easy Monday Making: Cupcake Liner Art

9 September 2013

Happy Monday!  Today, I want to share: Cupcake Tin Art.



As the school year gets off to a start, I’m trying to add as much routine as possible — everywhere — including here at willowday. I’m glad to see so many using the printables and will bring back more.  I’ve decided to keep those coming but, with more and call Monday’s:Monday Making — with printables,  DIY’s, Holiday crafts and other makings that feel right to start the week off with. I wanted to start the series off with a project that incredibly easy, with supplies you already have and that’s something for all ages. Continue below for the full tutorial. Just click on “read more” to continue…


Several years ago, I found the kids creatively surrounded by loads and loads of colorful, little, muffin papers that they they had colored brightly with little faces, animal heads and some that were just colorful. I couldn’t have art directed it better. We framed the lion in a small square frame; we framed 12 colorful blotches of color and smiley animal heads in another poster sized frame and we still have them up. In fact, recently, the kids have made several black and white series with both ink and with plain Sharpies that I really love, too! There’s something about the shape frames the art so well and seems to encourage imagination. I wish you a lot of imagination today! Happy Monday Making!


-Paper Muffin Papers
-Standard Picture Frame with white paper backing
-Adhesive Mounting Tape or Mounting Squares
-Drawing or Painting Materials: Color Pencils, Crayons, Markers, Tempera Paints, Sharpies, Pencils, etc.
To make:
Simply start working away with the medium of your choice on the muffin papers. Let dry. Press under a stack of books to flatten. Mount onto the backing board of a frame with non-acidic tape. Frame. Place on wall and enjoy!  Happy Making!

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