Halloween Ghost Balloon Cards

31 October 2013

Happy Halloween Wishes!


… and on the strike of Midnight:
Twas the night before Halloween and all through the house,
not a creature was stirring… but, one, little …. ghost.


Boo: Halloween Balloon Cards. ( a 2-in-1 card!)


I love items with multiple functions and surprises: these balloon, ghost, cards were our Halloween Cards this year; leaving the receiver with balloon fun, too! If you’re no longer mailing Halloween cards, make as a Halloween Party Project, decorate a Halloween party table with these as Place Settings or fix them to gift bags for Balloon Ghost Trick or Treating Gift Bags! And, don’t forget to have a lot, a lot of fun making them! We did! I wish I could share them all! We won’t keep these ghosts for ourselves and want to set them loose to meet you, too! Click on read more for tutorial and more photos…

Wishes for scary fun making these Balloon Ghosts, too!

Black Card  + matching Envelopes

White Construction Paper for the wings (I used 220 g paper)

White Balloons

Black Pen

Hole Punch or an Xacto knife


Double Sided Tape

Pens for writing and embellishments!

How to make:

With the width of you card as the guide, cut a pair of white wings for your ghost.

– Place a piece of tape in the center of the wings and tape the wings in place on the card.

– After this, place tape onto the place on the balloon that you would like attached to the wings + attach balloon to the wings.

– Punch hole in the center top front of the card or you may cut a small (1/3″ | 1 cm) slit, instead.

(Top Ghost card (above) was made by cutting a small slit for the balloon which creates a straight top | The bottom Second Ghost Example (above) was made using a hole punch for a more round head)

– Gently pull the balloon top through the little hole or slit, pressing the balloon to adhere itself to the card.

– Draw face on white balloon with black marker.

– Embellish the card, as you’d like!

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