Roasted Chestnuts

22 November 2013


Happy Friday!  Chestnut season runs from October until the end of December and we like that! I love visits to France, this time of the year, when we warm ourselves with cones of roasted chestnuts in the streets while strolling.  Roasted chestnuts are not a traditional street food in Sweden, but we can find them at our local grocer. I love to make them at home and tonight, is the perfect chestnuts-by-an-open-fire kind of Friday night. They bring the song into the room; they take me to city strolls in France and because they require a little action before the reward, they always feel like something extra. I’ve learned through the years to avoid …

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chestnuts that are shriveled or wrinkled, which usually indicates mold.  I’ve recently learned the trick to choosing great chestnuts, is to bounce them! If the nut bounces, they’re fresh and I have such eager help!

21-nov-chestnutsaa 21-nov-chestnutsdd

To Make Roasted Chestnuts:
Prepare oven to 350 F. On a cutting board, begin by making an x about 1/8-inch deep through the top of each chestnut shell, just hitting the inner nut. Continue almost all of the way around. Place the chestnuts, with incision side facing up, into a roasting pan. You may simply place these directly into the pan or cover the base of the roasting pan with coarse salt. Roast for 30+35 minutes. Remove from heat and place in bowl immediately to serve. (These are easiest to peel if they are hot.) Roasty, toasty wishes from our house to your own!

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