Simple Print Making: Glue Gun Stencils

25 February 2015

Hi Friends. We ‘re on our two week Winter Break! Next week, we’ll be skiing but, this week, we’re home and I love to lure the kids into projects with me. These Glue Gun Stencils are really fun to make with big kids. These are so easy, fun, creative. versatile and functional.




or Sad.
This is a set of Opposite Pillows, using this technique; made for guest. It works great on tee shirts, too! Come along with us…

When I hear so many busy parents tell me that it’s almost impossible to create with big kids, especially boys and that their kids just aren’t interested, I just want to invite them in.  Our oldest is now 13 and although he doesn’t ever seem to be looking for things to do, more often than not, if I’ve thought through a project he might enjoy: he’s game and it’s fun. This is a technique I’ve used with big kids and boys and love it.

The tip to prepare ahead of time, just like you do with smalls; still stands. It’s best to have everything ready to go before hand and then, be patient. If making pillow cases… this will end with pillow fights or the like! While creating, if one suddenly wants to go Jackson Pollock, it’s often best to let them and see where it goes but, truthfully: it’s often much easier than you’d think, new ideas or directions are often fantastic and is a lot of fun. Last: this is a very fast print making process + I think that, too, speaks volumes with big makers.

I’m sharing pillow cases but, it works great for tees, too! We’d love to see what you do.

Opposite Pillow #2 : ha ha ha ha ha | zzzzzzzzzzzz


– Glue Gun
– White Pillow Case, pre-laundered
– Textile Pencil
– Cutting Tool
– Heavy Tape: I like to use Painters Masking Tape and Packing Tape for this project.
– Textile Fabric Paint
– Paint Brush
– Extra newspaper and cardboard
Let’s get Started:

– Heat Glue Gun

– Cover desired area with tape. Press tape carefully onto the fabric. Carefully cut out area that will be printed. Keep a clean edge and take care not to press too hard. You do not want to break the fabric.

If you’d like to make the Happy/Sad or the Hahahaha/zzzzz, we made a cloud and a circle. The smaller details will need to fit within this.

– Next: Draw Interior Details with textile pen.

– If you want to make the pillows that we made, this is what we did:
(Happy/Sad) Happy Face on side one; Sad face on side two.
(Laughing/Sleeping) ha ha ha ha ha on side one: zzzzzzzzz on side two.

– Once the pattern has been drawn within the template on the surface, it it time to apply the hot glue and create the pattern.

– Follow the lines of your drawing with the glue. Make sure the lines are smooth and continuous.


– Let glue cool + dry.

-Once the glue is cool and dry, it is ready for printing.

– Slip newspaper or cardboard beneath the surface, between the pillows, to stop the paint from seeping in to the back layer.-Carefully paint without the template and over the glue pattern.

– Let dry.
– Once the paint is dry, peel away paper and glue. Remove the cardboard or newspaper, too.- Read paint instructions and iron according.Enjoy!


Happy simple print making! We hope you have fun with this and would love to see what you do with the tutorial, too.

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