Walks and Stars

18 December 2013


What to do, with all of the pretty objects we collect on our walks?  Branches, berries, leaves, and natural objects found, seem to always make their way through our front door.   Stars made of wheat are a traditional Swedish Christmas ornament. Whether you use straw, twigs, house hold straws or toothpicks, the idea for these Swedish Stars are very simple and fun for every one.  Continue below for more…


For me “making a home” is doing more than decorating — it’s adding elements of who we are and where we’ve been. Making these very, simple, little twig Christmas stars are exactly the kind of pretty details I mean. Using twigs we’ve gathered on walks and talks; from sticks that have appeared by our front door, cast off after …. sword fights on the lawn …. have a way of talking their way through our doors.  Great to make for all ages.
Although Christmas usually feels that it should be blanketed in white, this year, I am truly appreciating our mild December because it gives us the chance to gather more twigs, bows and berries. To see how we made these simple little ornaments — anybody can —- just continue below…

How to make Twig Stars:
6 twigs of equal length (or wood skewers, paper straws, toothpicks), tape and/or string, scissors
Form 2 triangles, taping or tying the corners together. Once these two triangles have been formed, place one on top of the other to create a star and bind these with the same materials (ribbon or tape). Hand from ribbon as decoration or adorable a package with these for personalize giving. Happy Making.
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