Sugar Cookie #4: Shadow Puppet Cookies

21 December 2013


Happy Saturday! How are your Christmas preparations going? We started baking a variety of Christmas cookies and Lussebullar early this month and am enjoying the reward of that now! AFter a week of class parties and a birthday, I’m leaving the house well stocked and I’m about to head into the city to gather a few last minute items. Oh, I hope I’m there before the main crowds. Before I head out the door, I wanted to share the next cookie in the decorating series: Cookie #4: Shadow Puppet Cookies! (All of these 10 styles are cookies we make using this one sugar cookie: recipe here)  Are you baking, too? Click below for full post and tutorial. Happy making, baking and celebrating! …

I’ve long been a fan of shadow puppets (here) and realized that “cookies on sticks,” with all of the cute shapes available, could be taken one step further to become shadow puppets. Whether your on your own with one child or throwing a cookie decorating party, adding the easy elements of a shadow puppet theater makes this so very festive, don’t you agree?
A few days ago, I met some of my English students, I decided that these would make a wonderful conversation starters to accompany the classic “Twas the Night Before Christmas” Tale — and have fun while enjoying a wintery treat, too! I’d love to see what you do, too!

Shadow Puppet Cookies:Supplies: cookie dough (recipe here) , wooden sticks, icing and sprinkles
1. Roll and cut out cookies. Place on baking sheet. Reserve extra sugar cookie dough.
2. Gently press stick into the dough at the base of the cookie. Press into dough but be careful to retain shape. The wooden stick should be about 2 inches (2 cm) up and onto the cookie. Cut extra piece of cookie dough (just enough to cover the wooden stick) and press lightly over the stick to cover.
3. Bake. Decorate as desired and enjoy!

Top Left: Press wooden stick gently on the cookie cut our. Top Right: Cut and press a second layer or dough over the wood stick and smooth. Bottom: Complete, iced, shadow puppet cookie.
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